A journey to healing , 

Journey drum Meditation.

Bali retreat 2021 ( dates to still be decided please register your interest).

Join journey drum meditation teacher and urban shaman Lesley Bergstrom on a 5 day spiritual retreat in Bali. 


Discovering how to reconnect with yourself. You will experience rejuvenation, healing, transformation, soul healing, and re connection with your power full self, through learning how to work with your power animals, guides and ancestors to re member who you truly are.


Come and take time out to relax and find your peace and center. Immerse yourself in mama Bali and her open heart energy. Receive shamanic healing, meeting with local healers to receive healing and readings. Learn how to connect with nature to receive messages about your life, health, relationships and purpose through guided shamanic journeys.


The retreat includes 3 months of learning about journey drum meditation, online, and practicing it each day in the comfort of your own home and time.


You will learn about your sacred tree, your power animal, guides and ancestors. learning what messages the animals bring and how they inform your everyday reality. Learning about bringing your self back to healing, peace and inner power.

Every woman needs to re connect with her intuitive self and take back her power and heal her life on all levels.


Taking time out to re connect to your self to heal, to rejuvenate and re integrate who you are, and where you are going, is the most valuable gift you can give yourself and all those who know you. For standing in peace, power and centeredness is a gift to all those you touch.


We all need time to step out of this busy life, to process all that we have been through, so that we may come out stronger, wiser and more peaceful,

"It’s time to return to your roots, to reconnect with your inner wisdom and the wisdom of Mother Earth"


“Hi Lesley, I just wanted to express my deep felt gratitude for the Healers Journey experience. It has been such an incredible process of self discovery. You have provided an incredibly nurturing, supportive and intuitive journeying program that I feel so blessed to have experienced. I have such incredible tools to add to my tool belt and can’t wait to continue working with you. Sending so much love ” Melanie.

The retreat includes:

3 months journey drum meditation membership

2 spiritual coaching sessions a month.( 6 in total)

Access too a closed face book group.

8 nights accommodation , twin share. In Legian/Seminyak ( depending on group size), Including breakfast.

5 days of 2 to 3 hours of energy and journey drum meditation work with Lesley each day.

A visit with 2 local healers to receive a reading and healing.

You will have afternoons off most days to go for massages or wander round the markets or explore the sites of Bali or just lie by the pool.


Cost for the retreat: .

Payment plan available.


Please fill out the contact from below if you would like to sign up or discuss this further.


"I have seen people doing this process truly blossom in all areas of their lives. They become more confident in all their decisions in life, they become more creative, confident and able to manifest their ideas with ease and confidence. My aim is to help you strengthen your energy and connection to your guidance. I will give you tools to ask the universe questions and receive wonder filled accurate answers. Ways to support your intuition and support yourself through difficult times." - Lesley