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I'm delighted to announce that myself and Joey O'Dell will be facilitating our first event together.

The event is called A Shamanic Journey to the Mother Tree.

An immersive sound bathing experience accompanying a deeply connected shamanic Journey.

Shamanic Practices are quickly becoming some of my deepest passions as we step into a new era of managing our own states of being.

For me, Shamanism is a practice that connects myself, my community, and my clients to a symbiosis with the flow of nature and the energies all around us.

Working with the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air we are able to work with our bodies and ourselves to move through any past, present and challenging experiences.

In this Shamanic journey, we work with the harmonious energy of the Mother Tree.

Trees themselves have such a deep connection to us as humans. If there were no trees, we would not be able to breathe, if you look at a dissection of the lungs they resemble the structure of a tree, the characteristics of the tree and the lungs are identical in that they both take CO2 from their environments and provide those same environments with Oxygen.

There is so much more to these truly amazing structures forged by mother nature itself, the only true way to witness their magic is to journey with them energetically.

Hence our presentation of the Shamanic Journey to the Mother Tree 🌲

To find out more click on the event link above, or if you have any questions feel free to send me an email.

Journey to your Mother Tree.png


It's been an honour  to have this wonderful testimonial from my clients.

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