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12 week online healers journey meditation course. You will gain access to the class as well as recevie 6 one on one mentor sessions with Lesley. ( This is limited to 10 people)


A process into shamanic journeying where you will learn how to travel the inbetween worlds through guided shamanic journeying.


Each week you will get a new guided shamanic journey to do and every second week you will have a one on one with Lesley to discuss your journey. In these journeys you will see your phsychic landscape, meet your guides and power animals, journey to see your chakra system and learn to overcome your fears to step into your power and journey to a past life.


You will then step into learning how to clear energies, retreive lost soul aspects to heal and bring yourself and others back to balance.


You will be connected to a teachable course where you can watch videos and listen to guided shamanic journeys, join a live class every second week and you will also receive 6 intuitve coaching session with Lesley, they will be 1 hour long. 

Personal mentorship- healers journey 12 week course

    Please ring me for a 15 minute information call.

    Thanks for submitting!

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