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The Healers Journey    

Healing Through the Guided Shamanic Journey Process  
(*AWAKEN - Introduction to Journey Drum Meditation course is prerequisite)   

As an empath, clairvoyant, and channel, Lesley has seen and felt things her whole life.  Shamanism resonated with her as it is an experiential process.  It is a process of connecting with your spirituality directly and finding your own answers to your life and process. 


Lesley longed for a teacher her whole life, someone who could explain what she was seeing and experiencing.  Lesley developed this course to support others who may be experiencing the same feelings.

What you will learn: 

​In this course you will step further into learning more deeply about Shamanic and Energy Healing and how to apply this in your own daily practices and for those that you support.   You will learn:

  • About the Four Directions.

  • To understand your own energies and how to retrieve lost energies

  • How to clear energies

  • Soul retrieval

  • Working with lost or wandering spirits

  • Learning from master begins and how to traverse the energy realms.


You will learn how you truly see, feel, hear, and know things and what they mean.  You will learn how to understand your own energy, how to retrieve lost energies, clear energies and how to heal your life.  Through doing so you will better support others.

This course is an opportunity to receive guidance and support in standing in your own intuitive power, unfolding your true gifts, and allowing them to support you on your path in life.  You will learn how to heal your life and through doing so you will better support others.

What Lesley's students have to say about The Healers Journey:

"I've been blessed to hone my journeying skills for almost two years now with the incredibly gifted and talented Lesley - also Shaman, Healer, Seer, Life Coach, Naturopath, down-to-earth, call a spade a spade, humorous soul, with a big heart and authentically devoted to helping bring success, happiness, and healing into people's lives."


Leone - Special Needs Teachers Assistant.

“I loved this course! Lesley's guidance and insight was next level. I discovered so much about myself over this time while building on each new skill. I am so grateful that I found her! I would recommend this course to everyone. Actually, I think I have! Lol."

Nic - Naturopath and Massage Therapist.

What others have said about working with Lesley...

Course Curriculum

Each week there will be either a video recording or a voice recording guiding you through each Guided Journey Meditation.  There are downloadable PDF files that go through the questions about each Journey, with some explanations of the type of Journey you have had. 

Week 1: Journey to find your Four Directions

Bonus: 30 min Shamanic Drumming for you to journey by yourself


Week 2: Journey to an element in nature

Bonus: Video on how to clear energy with selenite


Week 3: Journey to meet a Healing Master.

To book in a 1 hour mentor session with Lesley to discuss your journeys.

Week 4: Journey to help lost souls shift to the light

Bonus: Discussion on Soul Rescue 

Bonus: An example of someone with a lost soul in their energy

Bonus: Journey to help lost souls shift to the Light


Week 5: Journey to retrieve an animal or element for self or another

Bonus: Energy exercise to retrieve an element or animal for someone


Week 6: Journey to Retrieve Lost Soul Aspect.

Book in a final session with Lesley to discuss your journeys.

Course cost

 I would love a free 15 min intro call to discuss joining the course.

Thanks for submitting! we will send you an email to set up an appointment. 

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