Would you like to grow your intuition and have greater connection to your guides, ancestors, power animals and nature?


Would you like to learn exercises to clear your energy, release blocks and stuck energy so you can have greater abundance in your life?

A journey to healing              

An introduction to journey drum meditation and the healers journey.

Come and join Urban Shaman Lesley Bergstrom on the 6 week Introduction Course to Journey Drum Mediation, A Journey to Healing.

You will be introduced to shamanic journeying through guided journeys, like guided meditation.

What's involved?


We will journey to your sacred tree to see what your life and energy looks like right now.


You will meet your power animals and guides, see your Chakra system, journey to a past life and finally journey to understand how to overcome blocks in your life.

In this 6 week process you will be joined to an online class that you can access and do at your own pace, you will also receive 3 x 1:1, 60 minute intuitive mentoring sessions with Lesley, who will assist you in interpreting your journey drum meditations and work with you to open and understand your intuition and insight.

Continue your spiritual growth into the Healers journey intermediate course.

In the 6 weeks following the introduction course you will meet light master teachers who will help you understand the medicine you bring to this world. You will gain more insight into your spiritual gifts and the language of energy.

You will journey to gain insight on what your four directions are and what they teach about living in this four dimensional world.

Working with the elements of nature to learn about their special energies and how to work with them.

You will learn about clearing energy on all levels.


Retrieving lost soul aspects and bringing your being back to balance and wholeness.

Once you learn to journey, you can begin journeying for others.


Lesley will guide you through the different realms and work one on one with you to mentor you through these energy gateways and support you in understanding how to grow your gifts, help you understand the language of energy and what it means about your life.

You came to this earth to shine your special light at this time. It is time now to shine!

What's included?

Life time access to 6 week self-led Healer's Journey course - it is recommended you allow time to practice each journey at least once per week (ideally multiple times as you gain more insight each time)

3 x 1:1 60 minute intuitive mentoring sessions with Lesley, taking your innate intuitive power to the next level.

Want to sample some of the content?


Find a quiet spot and listen to Meditation to ground and revitalise 

Grounding & revitalisingLesley Bergstrom
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What others have said about Journey Drum Meditation

I gained three significant strengths which has taken root and grounds me throughout Lesley's journeying courses.

Firstly, discovering my passion in life has fine tuned me into recognising when I'm doing and not trying, I can follow my intuition and instincts with confidence.

Second, I can enhance areas of my life that need balance, deep healing and clarity particularly in my family life, a single mother with 3 teenage children and in my occupation as a Special Needs EA working alongside children with Autism.

Third, the mindset I can never fail, I am enough, giving myself permission, forgiving myself, Lesley is like the lighthouse lighting the way I am reminded encouraged, picked up, supported and guided  to sustain my intuitive self, to find my inner compass and to make guided choices to put my best foot forward.

Lesley has recognised my readiness to step into helping others on the course and its been an honour to work alongside her to help bring others the clarity and wisdom symbolised in their journeys.


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