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See what Lesley's students have to say...

"I gained three significant strengths which has taken root and grounds me throughout Lesley's journeying courses.

Firstly, discovering my passion in life has fine tuned me into recognising when I'm doing and not trying, I can follow my intuition and instincts with confidence.

Second, I can enhance areas of my life that need balance, deep healing and clarity particularly in my family life, a single mother with 3 teenage children and in my occupation as a Special Needs EA working alongside children with Autism.

Third, the mindset I can never fail, I am enough, giving myself permission, forgiving myself, Lesley is like the lighthouse lighting the way I am reminded encouraged, picked up, supported and guided  to sustain my intuitive self, to find my inner compass and to make guided choices to put my best foot forward.

Lesley has recognised my readiness to step into helping others on the course and its been an honour to work alongside her to help bring others the clarity and wisdom symbolised in their journeys."

Leonie - Special Needs Teachers Assistant.

" heart is so full in gratitude for the support and guidance from you while my inner stirrings begin to bubble and my light masters and guides begin to show themselves to me - or should I say that I begin to trust the messages and noticing I have coming from them... I feel nurtured by you.

There was something that you said to me a few weeks back and it was about the fact that I had called you in...and you know what I of the things that I had written in the past was for someone to come into my life who will help me tap into the spiritual world and help me make sense of what I know that I see, feel and hear...because I always questioned myself and believed that I was making it up...that it wasn't real...that I wasn't as gifted or as special as the person who could actually connect to the spirit world.


But I see that it is a matter of growing my gifts and surrendering to the process... Thank you Thank you Thank you."


Anita - Naturopath.

“I loved this course! Lesley's guidance and insight was next level. I discovered so much about myself over this time while building on each new skill. I am so grateful that I found her! I would recommend this course to everyone. Actually I think I have! Lol."

Nic - Naturopath and Massage Therapist.

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