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Do you feel stuck ?. Not trusting your self and your intuition ? Continuously reliving the same bad habits of thinking and doing, no matter how hard you try to support yourself in changing ?

It s a common problem people have. They fall back into old bad habits of thinking and doing and cant seem to shift the cycle.

Would you like to get support in understanding yourself and why your body does this ?

Everyone has a lot of un conscious and sub conscious programming, where your body just responds in an automatic response without thinking or becoming conscious of what you are doing. 

The first step to shifting this is about becoming more self aware in a companionate way. 

Noticing how you see yourself and talk to your self, and understanding how you came to see yourself this way.

Lesley is an urban shaman, life coach and naturopath. She has been teaching for over 25 years and has developed her processes, Learning from shamans, science and nature, using the combination of ancient practices, scientific research and direct experience with her knowledge of assisting others to understand their bodies and intuitive capacity to heal the different layers of themselves.


Many have said her process has assisted them out of depression and anxiety and helped them to overcome trauma without ever having to re live it.

Her process is an adventure into yourself. You are the hero of your journey and get to see yourself through the eyes of love and compassion. 

Her process uses guided visualizations, Guided journeys into the body, mind, emotions and soul, and then you gain the opportunity to interpret the meanings of your guided visualisations. Like dream interpretation. 

Lesley will assist you in, peeling back the layers so that you can assist yourself in healing your, relationships, trauma, health and emotions. 

These " guided Journeys" are journeys into your inner world and it gives you the opportunity to understand and heal yourself with compassion. 

Lesley will teach you the language of symbolism. The meaning of animals, landscapes, colours, feelings, senses and how to grow this into understanding how you experience your reality.

You will also learn to understand and trust your intuition once again. Most children do but they loose their trust as they grow older.


You will learn how to understand and grow you inner guidance and what that looks, feels and sounds like. You will also gain a greater understanding of who guides you in spirit and how to turn up the volume of that wisdom.

You are your own best healer.

Lesley's passion is to make it an easy gradual process that doesn't feel hard but like an adventure. Its a beautiful unfolding step by step process through and online course or work book you can do in your own time. 

Lesley will be your guide to assist you in understanding your guided journeys through assisting you in the interpretation of your visualisations through her e book or through a face book group and one on one sessions, where you share your journeys and Lesley or her students will assist you in gaining meaning and insight

In Awaken to self healing you will...

Go on an adventure into your sacred tree. This will show you about your life right now, how you are supported. Where you need to nourish yourself and how you see the world. You will gain advice from your energy and spirit on how you can step more into self healing. 

You will meet your power animal or animal messenger. This guided journey helps assist you in understanding your body as animal and animal instinct. It also helps you understand your nature and your body instinctive gifts like your sensing and connecting with others. You will also learn about the messages these animals bring to you about your life.


You  will do journeys to meet your ancestors and guides in the spirit realm. You will do journeys into the body to understand where you hold your memories and emotions and how to release and bring them back to balance. you will journey into past lives and get to explore what keeps you stuck in our life and how to shift it.

Come and journey with Lesley to learn to heal your self, unfold your intuitive gifts and gain support for your life from them. Its the best journey you will take in your life. A gift that will shape the rest of your life. 

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Course Curriculum
Next course opens 18/2/2024

 Online course 7 week course with work book.

You have a variety of choice in how you would like to do the course.

You can do it though an online or physical work book in your own time.

The work book includes links to the guided journeys and visualisations, with space to write your experience. It also includes and animal interpretation ebook and other symbol meanings. You have a choice of a digital or physical copy.

Cost digital copy $150.

Physical work book $180

Or you can belong to a community where you share your experience and gain further insight into your journeys and their meaning.

As part of this process you will be joined to a closed face book group where you will gain instructions each week.

You will also gain a copy of the digital work book and e book.

Cost $350. ( payment plans available)

If you would like a more personal approach. You can uplevel to receive 3 ,1 hour mentor sessions around the course. You will part of the face book group but alsoreceive additional 1 on 1 mentor sessions. The cost is ($550 ( payment plans available) 

When you sign up. Depending on your choice. You will be sent a link or a physical copy of the work book. If you wanted a more hands on approach.


You will be connected with the online Face book group to work through the following 7 Guided Journey Drum Meditations and bonus guided visualisations, and a Facebook group to share your journeys, with Facebook posts every Sunday at 8 am Perth Western Australian time, giving instructions for the following week and answering your questions.

You will receive a copy of The e-work book to download. ( you can request a physical copy at an extra $30 expense)

Week 1:  Learning how to ground and connect with your body, to calm, center and bring clarity to your mind and emotions.

Week 2:  Journey to your sacred tree to understand your life.

Week 3:  Journey to meet your power animal and animal messengers

Week 4:  Meeting your spirit guides and ancestors for guidance

Week 5:  Chakra clearing with the fairies to understand your energy.

Week 6:  Journey to a past life to heal and learn about your gifts.

Week 7:  Journey to success - journey to overcome something that is blocking you and keeping you stuck in certain patterns in your life.


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