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Introduction to Journey Drum Meditation.

Online group process begins in 4th June- Done in a Face book group, over 6 weeks.

Cost $180 for just face book group or $350 for face book group and one on one sessions.

If you were at the Women's Fearless Forrest gathering you receive a discount. Or if you are part of my journey drum meditation face book group you receive a discount. 

We have to begin with healing our lives, beliefs and values, before we can learn to love ourselves.

Come with me on a series of guided Shamanic Journeys into your energy to discover your sacred tree, spirit guides, power animal, past lives and beliefs that block you, how to travel to, and understand the 3 energetic worlds.

  Use the Journey Drum Meditation Process to feel more connected to your guides. Feel more peaceful, supported and grounded.  I am your guide.


Course Curriculum

 Face book group course opens 4th/06/2023

Cost $180. ($130 if you were at fearless or part of journey drum meditation face book group)

If you would like a more personal approach. You can uplevel to recevie 2 1 hour mentor sessions around the course. You will be part of the course and fb group but receive additional 1 on 1 mentor sessions. Cost is $350 ( or $300 if you were at fearless or part of the journey drum meditation group )

You will be connected with the online course on teachable to work through the following 6 Guided Journey Drum Meditations and a face book group to share your journeys, with face book posts every Sunday at 8am Perth Western Australian time, giving instruction for the following week and answering your questions.

You will receive a copy of Lesley's Animal messenger e book to download.

Week 1:  Learning how to ground,.Journey to your sacred tree.

Week 2:  Journey to meet your power animal.

Week 3:  Meeting your spirit guides.

Week 4:  Chakra clearing with the fairies.

Week 5:  Journey to a past life.

Week 6:  Journey to success - journey to overcome something that is blocking you in your life.

Group course opens on the 4th st of June 2023. with a 30minute introduction class that you can watch at your own leisure. Sign up below.

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