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It’s time for you to learn what a powerful and incredible magical being you truly are.

Connecting with Your Inner Guidance, Power animals & Angel Guides.

Are you feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns or emotions?

Do you wish to connect to your highest inner wisdom and overcome challenges holding you back? 

I'm excited to announce a new online course -

Awaken to Healing:

Re-connecting with the earth's wisdom and your spirit team, to support yourself on your path to self healing.

This online course consists of 7 guided journey drum meditations. With workbook and interpretations to understand your process.

This is a self paced course.

You are invited to book personal mentor sessions following your journeys if you would like additional support and a deeper understanding of your process

Awaken to Healing.

A guided process based on shamanic journeying with a focus on understanding the language of symbolism. Gaining insight and consciousness into your psychic senses and how to allow them to support you. You will learn how your body senses and holds energy in the mental, emotional and physical bodies. 

You will connect with your power animal, spirit guides, chakra system, past lives and abundance blocks to activate your own healing and gain tools for your every day life. 

You will learn what it looks like to walk hand in hand with spirit and nature. Allowing yourself to be supported and guided with unconditional love.

Course process: recommended to do 1 journey a week or longer if needed, practiced multiple times during the week to assist in opening up and connecting with the multitude of layers of energy around you and to encourage a daily practice of connecting with your guidance, congruence and flow.

Journey 1:  Learning how to ground and connect with your body, to calm, center and bring clarity to your mind and emotions and energy.

Journey 2:  Journey to your sacred tree to understand your life and what informs your life and energy and how you experience it.

Journey 3:  Journey to meet your power animal and animal messengers. 
What guidance they bring for you in your day and night dreaming.

Journey  4:  Meeting your spirit guides and ancestors for guidance.

Journey 5:  Chakra clearing with the fairies to understand your energy.

Journey 6:  Journey to a past life to heal and learn about your  current spiritual gifts.

Journey 7:  Journey to success - journey to overcome something that is blocking you and keeping you stuck in certain patterns in your life.

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2 ways to join this course to gain greater understanding of yourself and develop your own psychic abilities

Buy the book~

Self Paced

You will receive a work book with

links to guided journey meditations.

Pages of questions to answer around your meditation journeys.

Pages to assist you with your interpretation of your meditations.

A  journey meditation animal, landscape and symbol dictionary. 

Complete in your own time over 6 months. 

Awaken to Healing- self guided



Awaken To Healing- Payment Plan



Every 2 weeks

As you progress with your practice of the journeys you will find more of your psychic senses open.

3 fortnightly payments of $65

Private Mentorship- 

All of the above, workbook, 

Plus you will also have live personal mentor one-on-one sessions. We recommend after every second process (3 in total)  with Lesley or one of her advanced students to gain insight into your journey meditations and shamanic coaching around your life.

( Limited number of places)

Private mentorship



Private mentorship



Every week

6 payments of $95

Course with 3 mentor sessions


"Lesley helped me discover my passion in life. I am grateful, I can now trust and follow my intuition and instincts with confidence."

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Awaken to Healing
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7  guided shamanic journey meditations.

As part of the course you receive:

An online or printable journey meditation process work book. 
Guided journey meditations.
Questions around the meditations and interpretation sheets.
E book dictionary of animal and symbol interpretations.
Pages of examples of other students journey meditations with the interpretation of the meaning of their animals, landscapes and symbols, so you can gain insight into your journey meditation meaning.

If you do not choose the private mentorship process you have the option of purchasing discounted, private one on one mentor sessions to discuss your journey meditations.



Awaken to healing is a process I developed to understand my own intuitive experiences. I saw heard, felt and experienced knowing's and spirits and always longed for a teacher to assist me in understanding what I was experiencing. I developed this process so that you can re connect your relationship with spirit. They will guide your journey. They always do. You are loved and supported unconditionally by spirit.