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Lesley Bergstrom, Spiritual Teacher and Sun Shaman with 25 years of experience

Lesley will be your guide to assist you in understanding your intuitive gifts and all that guides you in spirit. 


She has been teaching shamanic journeying for the last 25 years, she has helped students heal on so many levels. They have gained clarity in their lives, stepped into their power of supporting their tribes and assisting those that they work with in healing, bringing joy and contentedness into their lives. 


She will do this through guided journey drum meditation. She will teach you the language of spirit and energy. You will meet your power animals, helpers, and guides, learn how to clear energy and travel to retrieve lost soul aspects. Lesley will guide you through the 3 realms showing you how to traverse the energies and understand what is shown to you about your life and what is unfolding.Its time to heal, love more and find more joy. 

Come and journey with Lesley to learn about your gifts and gain support in, integrating them into your life.

Awaken to healing is the place to begin. 

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Upcoming Event

Healing with horses and the land

A workshop with horse intuitive and whisperer Jordanah Anawalt and Urban shaman Lesley Bergstrom.

You will be taken on an internal journey to learn to hear your inner wisdom and through that, be able to connect more energetically and communicate with your horse or animals.


Lesley has recognised my rediness to step into helping others on the course and its been an honour to work alongside her to help bring others the clarity and wisdom symbolised in their journeys.

Geraldine H.


I loved this course! Lesley's guidance and insight was next level. I discovered so much about myself over this time building on each new skill. I am grateful that I found her! I would recommend her to everyone
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