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Healers Journey Course

Come and join Urban Shaman Lesley Bergstrom on the 6 week Introduction Course to learn about shamanic journeying.  A Journey to Healing.

You will be introduced to shamanic journeying through guided journeys, like guided meditation.

“I loved this course! Lesley-Ann’s guidance and insight was next level. I discovered so much about myself over this time while building on each new skill. I am so grateful that I found her! I would recommend this course to everyone.”
Actually I think I have! Lol Nic - naturopath and massage therapist.

What's involved?


We will journey to your sacred tree to see what your life and energy looks like right now.


You will meet your power animals and guides, see your Chakra system, journey to a past life and finally journey to understand how to overcome blocks in your life.

In this 6 week process you will be joined to an online class that you can access and do at your own pace, you will also receive 3 x 1:1, 60 minute intuitive mentoring sessions with Lesley, who will assist you in interpreting your journey drum meditations and work with you to open and understand your intuition and insight.

Next round begins 13th July 2020.

Open to Channel

You are invited to join Lesley on a 6 week journey of live (and recorded) online workshops where you can practice each week and share in a group of supportive peers.


In each class, Lesley will channel her light masters who will teach you how to connect with your light masters and allow them to work with you in your perfect way to receive healing, guidance, support and knowledge around your life and what you bring to this world.

"Right from the very first class I felt that feeling that said YES! The whole 6 weeks have been immensely pleasurable with many ah ha moments! Lesley has a gentle nurturing way which encourages and supports you. It's empowering and enlightening. Everyone at different levels yet all equal...says a lot in how Lesley does this. Must say doing it on zoom was a commitment I could make and thoroughly enjoyed. " Polly xx

Next round begins Sunday 12th July 2020.

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