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Lesley Bergstrom, spiritual teacher and Sun shaman with 25 years experience.


We may have met at a festival, you may have had a reading or a healing from me, or you may have participated in one of my Journey Drum experiences. 

I am Lesley-Ann Bergstrom, creator of Journey Drum Meditation.


This process connects you with your inner guidance, grows your intuition and assists you in healing so that you may bring your life back to balance.


This unique experience is based on Shamanic journeying practices, energetic exercises, and spiritual exploration.

The ancients used a medicine drum to create an altered state of consciousness. I combine this with a channelled journey of intention. Together, this creates a multi-sensory experience.

After each journey you will take an even deeper step into interpretation. This unique opportunity allows you to understand the different layers of your insight so that you feel clear in your personal guidance and inner knowing.

Events and courses

Where to begin

Try a guided journey meditation to peacefulness;

Join our tribe and find out about up and coming events


Begin here-
Awaken - to healing.
6 week online course. Guided shamanic journeys. meet your power animal. Guides. Sacred tree. Chakra system. Past lives. Healing.

Shamanic healing drum Circle

In person live event, Banjup, Perth Western Australia.  beginning in December.
Lesley Bergstrom will hold a guided shamanic drumming healing circle. Where you will gain shamanic healing and learn about shamanism.

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Find out about COURSES ON OFFER:

  • AWAKEN - Introduction to Journey Drum Meditation



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