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Master Shaman.
Starting April 2022



*This course is aimed at Advanced Students who have done awaken and healers journey.

Dear students,


This year I want to support you in making your process even more personal, with more one on ones, so that you can grow your energies and receive support from my guides in fine tuning your opening.  You can use this process to support yourself in opening to your healing and path of service to this planet.

I invite you to continue your path with me.  Together we support each other in our opening to all that is calling us forward into being more of who we truly are.

Can you feel the energies are coming back around to look at new layers within your life?

My guides are showing me the deeper layers of energy and how this relates to the body, how we begin to meld it into process to support ourselves and others.

This year we will do a deeper dive into the ancient teachings of energetic medicine and Mayan Shamanism.   We will be working with the ancient masters, mother earth and galactic energies.

  • We will look at the energy lines, vortexes and currents within the body and how to work with these on a physical and energetic level. 

  • We will explore consciousness and its power of presence - past present and future.

  • We will explore different aspects of Mayan Shamanism and its processes and calendar so that you can deepen your connection and communication with all the energies around you

I will also continue to work with the current energies of this year. 


We are evolving and change is happening fast. 

Course Delivery

The format will be a little different than before.  I will post recordings and you will then have opportunity to discuss your unfolding in class, so that we can dive deeper.


There will be a live class each month to discuss your unfolding and then we will have a one-on-one half hour session each month/or a 1-hour session every second month, to discuss where you are at, and gain insight into where you need support. 

For those of you who want to deepen your channelling connection we will do channelled sessions in our one-on-one sessions.


The process will go from April to December


If you would like to discuss further, please contact me so we can discuss.  I look forward to continuing our work together.


With love,


Course Cost

Package 1:  Course + 10 x 30 min (or 5 x 1 hour) one on one sessions with Lesley over a period of 10 months

The cost will be $1111 – price available until the end of March.  After this, the cost will go to $1555, to be paid before commencement in April. 


​Package 2: Course without one-on-one session

This package is suitable if you do not want one on one sessions with Lesley.  You will still have access to recordings and monthly live class. 

The cost is $550 – price available until the end of March.  After this, the cost will go to $777, to be paid before commencement in April. 

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