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Easter- Phoenix rising retreat.

Phoenix Rising - Shamanic Retreat


Immerse yourself over four days/three nights into the magical world of shamanic transformational processes to release limitations, trauma, and negativity so that you can lean into a life of ease, flow and congruence.


Join Shamanic Healers and Workshop Facilitators Catherine Fewings and Lesley-Ann Bergstrom for an unforgettable experience with various healing modalities based on the practice of spiritual connectedness with the Other Reality. They each have been practicing shamanism with thousands of people for over 15 years - to get participants closer to their own spiritual essence and guidance and to release everything else. 


What will be covered during the retreat

Fire ceremony


Shamanic Journeying - drumming meditation

Sound Healing

Channeling helping spirits

Fusion coaching


Water cleansing


Benefits you can expect

Knowing yourself more deeply, you open the doorway for a life aligned to what makes your heart sing, increasingly being clear of what you desire to experience and an ability to make decisions that are right for you.


Energy exchange

4 days of shamanic practices / 3 nights (starting Friday afternoon at 5pm, finishing Monday  

Fully catered, all vegetarian food 

Bunk beds in caravans of maximum 6 or available camping space for more privacy

fresh water dam to swim in and refresh yourself

beautiful spirit filled property surrounded by nature that will hold you in a sacred embrace


$888 - payment plans available

Please email us on to register your interest for our next retreat. 

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