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Animal Spirit Helpers

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When you meet an animal on your journey, always ask if it is your power animal. If it is not it is an animal messenger. An animal messenger is one who comes to inform you of your current energy and things going on in your life currently.


This journey is all about your power and your power animal represents you in your power. Sometimes your power animal has reasons for not telling you and it may take time for them to reveal themselves, so just be patient. When the time is right they will show themselves.

Any animal that comes in while you are journeying, is an animal messenger and always has a strong message for you. Take note of its message and read about its symbolism in the "Animal Symbolism" book that you would have downloaded from your first lesson.


Remember as well, in real life when you see an animal cross your path, stand and stare at you in the distance, or even scare you by suddenly appearing, this has a symbolic message for you. Find this animal in your copy of "Animal Symbolism" and read what the universe is trying to let you know. Start taking notice of all the messages around you and you will see how the universe is supporting you.

ANTEATER Stay Centered The anteater may be symbolically asking you to bring your energy back to your body. Be grounded to be strong. Be present in your centre and in your body so it can share all its sensory information with you. When you are present, you are receiving all the universes information in one place. Your centre is a point in your body between your heart and stomach. When you are present at this point, all information lands here. You do not have to run around your mind to find it. All your senses, including your psychic senses can inform you. Anteater asks you to bring your attention back to your mind, like eating one ant at a time. Return from any place that is not here and from all those others you continually worry about. Be present with your body . From this place you are most powerful because the universe will answer any question you have. Whether it is a yes or no about a situation, or a wait and see feeling. A “yes” expands this area, a “no” contracts this area, a “wait and see” or, “it doesn't really matter” has no distinct feeling. Anteater says stop spreading your energy so widely, you cannot help others by worrying. Be present. Know you are supported and protected in all ways.

ANT Strength Ant is a wonderful symbol of persistence and patience. Nothing succeeds like persistence and ant will show you this. Sometimes you just need to keep at it, one step at a time. It's the only way to build anything and takes persistence, patience and teamwork. Ant says your greatest strength right now is persistence, keep going, you need to just keep furloughing ahead, not at a rush but at the perfect pace for you. Keep building your pile and it will amount to something. Ant is saying perhaps patience is not your strong point right now, so he comes to remind you that a house is built one brick at a time, rush it and it will fall down, it needs to be done properly. Have the patience to do each step properly with the right amount of attention and focus and your project will come to fruition perfectly in the right time. Keep going even if it feels hard and slow. An Ant can also carry its body strength, Ant reminds you that you can and are capable of carrying a lot, just remember to put it down if it's not yours and know that you have great strength.

APE/CHIMPANZEE Ascension It’s ok to want better things in life. This includes more love and abundance. Apes are a tribal animal, they need the support of their tribe to reach great heights. It's time to shift your mind sent and know that with the right support from others you can reach great heights. What is your zone of genius ? Allow others to support you with theirs. Keep climbing to those great heights you dream about. Just know you have to sometimes change the way you see the world. Heal your belief systems. Those beliefs that tell you, you are not good enough on any level need to be healed. You are worthy, keep climbing. You know how to engage your energy to achieve those great heights you yearn for. You are capable! Own It!

BANDICOOT Entrepreneur Bandicoot is a creature who comes out at night and burrows on the earth. It’s lesson is about going within and using your feeling and hearing senses to manifest all that will support you in your life. It asks that you listen, feel and ground. Being grounded will help you bring forth all those dreams that have come into your energy. Listening will tune you into your guides so that you can receive support, and feeling into what most suits your energy at this time. You have great ideas. Stop looking with your eyes to find answers and start looking and listening within, be still and present with yourself so that you can manifest your dreams.

BEAVER Builder Well you may say, when will I ever see a beaver, funny thing is the symbols can pop up anywhere! I pulled a beaver card yesterday and I had to smile when I pulled up behind a truck with a giant beaver on it!!! The spirit of the Beaver is a crafting and building expert. It has all the talents and skills to help you with any undertaking, and give it a positive outcome. If this animal shows up in your life, it may be time to finally act on a personal project you have been preparing for so long. If you already started, and are facing obstacles or slowdowns, connect to the spirit of the Beaver, and ask it for help with this situation. Planning is always nice, but if you hesitate or wait too long, you may just miss a great opportunity. Now is the perfect timing. Trust that you are fully ready, and have all the resources and support you need. So no more doubts or procrastination; you will just do fine. Message from the Beaver: "It is now time to act. Don't wait to be perfect before making your next step, perfection comes with practice."


BEE Network  Just as the Queen bee dictates the temperament of her hive so you need to decide what is going to be the temperament of your household, your business. Bee comes to tell you, that others reflect what you are feeling back at you. If everyone around you tends to be grumpy, are they reflecting your grumpiness? Take responsibility for feeling great, and create the ripple effect. Bee is also a great networker, she says that sometimes we need to call on the expertise of others to assist us in achieving our goals. So ask for help when you need it and don't try do everything yourself. There is power in group support and effort

BAT Rebirth If bat has flown into your life at this time it is time for rebirth. Time for rebirth on all levels, emotional, physical and spiritual. Bats are creatures who can “see” in the dark through the use of sound. Sometimes we need to express ourselves to understand where and who we truly are. Some people need to talk in order to understand themselves and gain clarity on where they are in their life. Find someone who will listen with love and non judgment. It is time to find your way, to move forward. So talk about what is bothering you or what is on your mind. For you will find clarity in the talking and it will bring release and a fresh perspective and energy to your life.


BLACK COCKATOO Ancestors When I see black cockatoo, I know my ancestors are near, supporting me. Black cockatoo encourages patience. She says everything has its time and we never know at the beginning of the journey what will transpire during the journey. Each bend and turn brings life experience, joys, highs and lows. Black cockatoo asks that you trust that you are always supported and that you will receive inspiration when you need it. Be open to being patient and allowing everything to unfold as it should, perfectly. For in this perspective you will see that all is as it should be and comes in perfect timing. We march to our own unique drum beat and need to trust that the beat of our drum is perfect for us. Do not compare yourself to others, honour your energy and your growth. Be open to allowing yourself to be supported by the universe and your ancestors. Send out your question and intention and allow the universe to send her answers back. Be patient and open and the answers will come, in all manner of ways. Everything is perfect timing, allow yourself to go with the flow

BEAR - BROWN Introspection This animal has been worshiped throughout time as a powerful totem, inspiring those who need the courage to stand up against adversity. Bear is in touch with the earth and the cycles, it is a powerful guide to support physical and emotional healing. It provides courage and a stable foundation to face challenges. When the bear shows up as a spirit guide in your life, it’s perhaps time to stand for your beliefs or your truth. This power animal will provide support and strength. But you will need to go inwards to inner silence to come back to self, be present with your being and allow your guidance to support you from your inner cave. The bear is also a guide to take leadership in your life or in other people’s lives. This animal is feared and admired for its strength. Its presence inspires respect. Its strength and powerful stature will inspire you to step into a leadership role in your life and take action without fear.


BLACK BIRDS Songs Their song invites us to go within, explore our own spiritual path and broaden our intuition and self awareness. Black birds says well-done on following your path and your song. They acknowledge your commitment to exploring the possibilities of this life. But also encourage you to know thy true self. What is your true song ? You need to share your unique voice. Black bird urges you to connect through song, connect with self, others and the universe. Black bird brings your attention to how you heal with your voice. Notice how you can use it to heal self and others. You can even sing to the body to heal it. Learn how to use this energy, with pure intent to serve and bring light through sound to others

BOAR Endurance Boar forges his own path, he is fearless and a great leader. When he is focused on an outcome there is no stopping him. Boar comes to help you reveal hidden truths and to rip away all that is standing in your way. Boar will help you see your obstacles and find the strength to overcome them. Boar encourages you to face what you have been putting off. Allow Boar to bring its strength to help you achieve your goals and remove all that is clouding your judgement.


BUTCHER BIRD Self Importance Butcher bird can be a bit ruthless in nature, attacking any bird weaker than itself. Butcher bird shows us its only those who feel less than, that will attack others. Butcher bird brings an awareness that those that cannot love and accept others with compassion have no love and acceptance for themselves. It shows us this in those we feel bullied by around us ,or gently reminds us when we are not showing compassion for others or ourselves

BULL Potency Bull has come to you today to urge you to take your time, do not rush like a bull in a china shop. You need to think things through and allow them to unfold in the perfect time, don't push or rush. Bull is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Of potent fertility and abundance. Bull suggests that you gain all the rewards you deserve. Keep focused on your goal and end point. Do each necessary step, to lay good solid foundations so your rewarded wealth and abundance can sustain you and be long lasting.


BUTTERFLY Transformation The butterfly has to experience being a worm, spend time in the transformation stage of being a pupae where it processes all it has learned and morphs into the butterfly. The butterfly still has to break out of the casing and allow its wings to dry and grow strong before it flies. Life brings us continual opportunity to grow and to step into new things and new cycles of being. Growth is not easy but it teaches us about who we really are and we then have the opportunity to use what we have learned to make a better happier life and live to the full. Take time to notice where you have come from, what you have learned and how it can make your life a better place to live. Grow those wings and take a greater perspective on life. You are able to soar if you love who you are and embrace all that you have learned and weave it into a great life. It’s only through the challenges that you become stronger and greater. If you are earning your wings right now you will get a chance to try them out real soon, but each phase has its process so be patient with yourself. Give your best, love yourself, your life, your path, it's uniquely yours. You are a special jewel the earth needs right now so be true to you

CANARY Sensitivity The canary teaches much. First to be discussed is their yellow colour, which represents the stomach chakra, it‘s all about personal power,yellow is also the colour of sun, reflecting the energies provided by sun or sunlight. Canary shows you bring power to others through your voice. Canary also brings power to you through your voice. Canary asks you to speak your truth with love and stand in your power. Canary teaches you to step into your personal power, take responsibility for managing your emotional state and focus on uplifting positive energies in your life. Just like its name (songbird), the canary totem teaches the power of one’s voice. Certainly, the power of the voice does not mean strong vocal cords for singing and creating music but to know the power of one’s sound. Speaking is one of the most powerful sense or force that most creatures possess. The ability to speak takes you to the very best of your life or to the worst nightmare. Canary connects voice with will/personal power, he says you can master the word to uplift and inspire others and comes as encouragement to keep working on this.


CAT Flexibility Cats tend to be quite resourceful and commonly give us messages of change, flexibility of adaptability. Often, when a cat makes an uncommon appearance in our lives it is a message for us to shake up our habitual routines and make some fresh changes in our lives, as well as be more flexible in our thinking. Cats can also be quite aloof, and this too is often a message for us to distance ourselves from people or situations. Sometimes the best cure for a problem is to step away from it – the cat inherently realizes this, and we would be wise to recognise this need as well. Cats give you the gift of protection and reinvention. You have 9 lives, make the most of all of them. Each can be as unique and adventurous as you would like it to be.

CAMEL Replenishment Camel comes to support you through a time that may feel difficult. Like shifting sands beneath your feet. Camel comes to share its stability on the shifting sands and its adaptability and the gift of self sustenance. Camel says you can adapt to any condition, you have got this. Believe in yourself. You may feel emotionally, physically and spiritually drained, but camel says you have it within you to come out of this stronger and more self-reliant. Camel says you will be replenished at the end of this journey. Know this. You will come out of this with gifts you never imagined you would have. Your life will be different but better. Camel says stop relying for nourishment of others and go within to nourish, and take it when you need it. How can you support yourself emotionally at this time. Its about one step at a time.


CHICKEN Voice If you want to know the meaning of the Chicken spirit animal, it’s about the power of your voice! It’s about hearing and heeding your inner voice! The chicken appears to you because you need to speak up about something that’s been bothering you for a while. You need to let your voice be heard, otherwise you’ll be carrying this burden around forever. The chicken symbolism urges you to listen to what your inner voices are telling you because this will be for your own good. You may feel that there’s not a lot of people you can trust, but you can always trust your intuition!

COCKATOO Ilumination The sulphur crested cockatoo, has the magical ability to eat a food that illuminates its yellow crest, making it glow in the dark. It comes to you today as a beacon of light, and a spark of hope it says. Time to lighten up your life, look for the humour in things, dont take yourself so seriously. Know you are infinite and your soul immortal. You are just playing around on this earth school for a while. Have fun and be present. Look for the light , bright side, in all that you look at.


COBRA Fascination Cobra comes to remove your rose tinted glasses. It says you need to see things as they are. Not as you would like them to be. Cobra exposes those who are hiding, who they really are. Cobra says no one should suffer gossip and hurtful remarks or unjustified criticism. This can hurt a person just as badly as physical harm. Cobra says when a person shows you who they really are, believe them ! Sometimes they say one thing and do another. Actions speak louder than words. Pay attention, don't be charmed by their pretty words. Once bitten, should be twice shy. Listen to your body your gut. It will tell you when something does not feel right, trust it

CHAMELEON Patience We live in a world of instant gratification. This constant high pressure of living at a sprint, can create anxiety and depression as it cuts us off from living in the moment. Chameleon comes to show you that every moment is precious and necessary. Enjoy each moment.Chameleon shows you how to adapt and be present with each moment. Just as it changes its colour to blend in. So too can you be present and blend with the energies around you. This gives you a way to gain insight into your self and your world from the present moment. It teaches you how to BE in the moment. Chameleon says every step is necessary, you can't skip a step and get to the end. By being present in the moment and not worrying about the future and the past will give you the most power because the whole universe will inform you about what is next. Go with the flow, relax, everything is unfolding perfectly. If you are in the middle of a big change in your life, you may feel like you are trapped halfway – too far to go back, and not far enough to reach your goal. Trust the fact that this delay is actually what you need to integrate the experiences and understandings you are going through. Changing too fast can actually be overwhelming, and ultimately counterproductive.


CHEETAH Pace yourself Cheetah moves at great speed but in short bursts. Cheetah comes to you today to remind you that things are really moving fast right now so keep focused on outcomes, don’t get distracted. Keep bringing yourself back to your ultimate goal when you find yourself being taken off track by something else. When you continue to focus on your goal and how you will get there you create a greater speed of momentum. So focus on all aspects of your outcome and goal and make sure you do something each day to move towards your ultimate goal. Don’t spread yourself too thin, take breaks when you need them so you can perform at your peak when you need to

COW Mothering When I see a cow I am reminded of how I mother! It also prompts us to look at our relationship with our mother and if there is healing necessary between you. Cow is sacred in many cultures, for all the nourishment it provides to humanity When the cow appears, ask yourself how you would rate the relationship you have with your mother and the relationship she has with you. Cow makes an appearance in your life to assist you with some healing that needs to take place between you and your mother. Often when we have unhealed wounds about how we are mothered, it affects how we nurture ourselves and others. Take time to do some linking back to your childhood, some reviewing of her role in your life. Look at the role you may be leading as a mother to your own children, or how you take care of yourself and others One of the best things you can do for yourself is to see your mother as a person, not an ideal. She can only do what she knows. When we grow up, we can take responsibility for our own nurturing and healing.


CRANE Goodwill Crane comes to remind you that you are a powerful creator. Crane reminds me I am not my thinking, I feel my thinking and then create a story around what I am thinking. When I get angry or frustrated I have created a story about why I should be irritated or angry. I then go down the rabbit hole of this story and begin feeling my thinking. Crane reminds me that I can change my mind and choose to shift my focus and emotion. Cranes are often messengers of spirit, reminding you that you are eternal. With the Crane spirit animal bird you become witness to the power of your emotions and how they rule every facet of your life. Emotions can lead you into a gale storm where you feel lost and powerless, it is not until you get into the eye of the storm that your power is revealed to you. Here in the center of the storm you can see the vortex surrounding you, the vortex is the field of your unharnessed emotions, fears, pain and stored trauma where you can feel lost and overwhelmed and not know how to find your way out. At the core of all storms is the eye, it is where you see the light has broken through the clouds, this is where the calm waters give safety. It is here that you have perfect clarity and can see the overriding power of your emotions surrounding you. When you are angry, sad, frustrated, depressed, choose to change your mind and focus on better feeling thoughts.

CRICKET Success When you hear crickets singing it usually indicates that it will be a sunny day the next day. As a messenger of the sun energy, cricket says good fortune is coming your way. There is growth and opportunity coming into your life. Allow yourself to shine. Crickets have the capacity to leap and fly, they can reach great heights, just like you can. If you allow yourself. They have a unique way of expressing themselves, as you may have too. Embrace it and allow it to support you.


CROCODILE Creative force Crocodile is capable of delivering both tenderness and annihilation. It can kill large animals and be soft and tender with its young. According to crocodile, death and birth are a vital stage of initiation. Crocodile says one door needs to be closed in order for another to be open. Crocodile says you can be tender when you need to and hard nosed when life requires it. You take immediate and steadfast responsibility for all aspects of your life and are not afraid to get your hands dirty. Crocodile reminds you that you are extremely creative. You can turn any negative experience into a positive one. Crocodile acts as a door keeper to the tangible world and underworld. Crocodile encourages you to see above and beyond physical limitation and emotional burden so that you may trust your intuition and inherent ability to manifest your heart's desire.

CROW Life mysteries Crows are about the energies coming forth from the great void of creation. Crow comes to guide you to get in touch with life’s mysteries. To develop your intuition so that you can understand and perceive the subtle shifts in energy within yourself and in the world around you. It may be something you do naturally. Crow comes to you now to say it is time to know and understand what this is. Crow is the teacher of insight. They are masters of vision and perspective. Crow says, you have to start believing what your insight is seeing. Know that your insight is about using all your psychic senses. When you see a crow, pay attention and be present with all that you are feeling seeing and hearing. It’s a prompting to be completely present.


DEER Trust Deer is a sensitive creature who is easily frightened and can be quite skittish. Deer asks you to honour your sensitivity and not take on negativity, notice when the emotion is from your own thinking or from another. Forgive yourself when you cannot meet your own expectations. Deer says honour your sensitivities, and connection with spirit and others. Deers antlers connect them with spirit, so notice your great connection. Don't allow yourself to get easily frightened. Your obstacles will fall away when you face them with acceptance and love. Deer says forgiveness is not about forgetting what has happened it is about not hurting yourself with constantly remembering it. When you choose to empower yourself you decide no one will make you feel afraid again, you will face your fear with peace, calm and a knowing that you can overcome anything if you choose too. Free yourself from pain by releasing negative emotions

DINGO Trickster Dingo asks that you be ready and open to whatever comes your way. Do not judge but be aware and present. It is in the present that you have the most power. Trust your intuition and instincts, they are often a whisper, acknowledge them and do not be blind to danger. If your instincts say danger do not ignore them. Listen. If your instincts say trust, then trust but be present and listen to your gut, it always knows what is right for you. Do not take life too seriously, learn from your mistakes and take time to laugh at yourself. Know that what you do to others may come back to haunt you, so be true in your intention and always check in with yourself on why you are doing what you are doing. Dingo says know your place in the pack and know you can change it if you need too. Dingo says you are a survivor and adaptable. You can adapt and take advantage of any opportunities offered.


DOG Loyalty Dog reminds us that it is better to be kind than criticize. Be gentle with those around you and accept that everyone’s path is unique to them. He also says be loyal and truthful to yourself. Be your own best friend first. When you love and nurture yourself you are much happier and have more energy to share with others. By having self respect and self value, you are being true to who you really are. When you love yourself first you bring your best self to this world. When you show up with your best self, the world cannot help but love and respect you too. Occasionally dog symbolism can represent confusion about your loyalties, beliefs, and commitments. In other words, when you try to be everything for everyone, you end up losing sight of yourself. The only way to resolve this is to put yourself first and foremost. Thus, by letting go of the need to please everyone and everything else, you will be able to piece together what is right for you. In fact, only with loyalty to yourself will you be able to grow and move forward. It reminds me of the aeroplane emergency plan, you need to put on your own oxygen before you can assist another. When you are happy, nourished and living true to yourself you can give happily

DOLPHIN Play Dolphin comes to you today to remind you to play. Breathe in all the joy life has to bring and play. Perhaps you have been taking yourself far too seriously lately. With all things you have to do ! Dolphin says find your pod and splash around a bit. Allow the joy of life to bubble up. Notice it's the small things that bring joy, walking, singing, talking, laughing. Notice what is playing for you. Notice what connects you with a childlike sense of wonder and joy for the world. Dolphin also connects us with the first breath we take as we are born. Sometimes we need to heal what we are born into. Sometime when we are born into a family going through a difficult time. We do not realise that what we are born into, is not ours to carry, but to realise it was our parents or grandparents burden, we can heal it and let it go. So that the next generation does not have to hold their breath, and continue to carry our ancestors burdens, but can blossom and grow and live their own unique joyful life.


DONKEY Humility Donkey reminds us that when we ask for what we need, we are often given more than we need. Donkey says that all your hard work and diligence will pay off in the end. You are laying a solid foundation. It says stay humble and stay in your own lane. Don't compare yourself to anyone else, but also be open to accepting others for who they are. Celebrate your differences. Donkey says when you follow your path, with determination and humility, life will take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary

DOVE Peace Whenever I see a dove I take a great deep breath and let out tension, she reminds me to be peaceful. Dove could also be letting you know that you need to stop and take a few deep breaths. Therefore, you must let go of the turmoil that is currently surrounding you and take the time to find peace within you. Slow down. Dove reminds you that what you see right now is your reality shifting in ways you never thought possible and that what you are indeed looking for is just around the corner. The most chaos happens just before your dreams come true. If Dove symbolism comes fluttering into your day to day life, she may be reminding you that to soar, you must know when to move your wings and when to allow the wind to take you to new heights. Furthermore, if you were to sit on a branch looking at the sky and hoping the wind will pick you up, you would never move. In other words, the Dove meaning in this message is that you must surrender and allow the wind to support your wings. Simply get moving so that you can experience the exhilaration of flying higher and higher.


DRAGONFLY Illusion Dragonfly comes to show you the masks you wear in life. Notice how you are different with each person you encounter. What do they bring out in you? Who can you truly be yourself with? You are being urged to break through the limitations you put on yourself that hinder your development and growth. Look at yourself and acknowledge the masks you wear that prevent others from seeing the real you. Do you believe in the mask you wear? Is it the real you? Your view of the world may be through tinted glasses, affecting your perception of what is real and what is not. As a result the view the rest of the world has of you, may also be unfairly tainted. It’s time for the real you to shine. Who you are is perfect, and those that do not value the real you are not worth your time

DRAGON Passion If Dragon has come into your life today, you are being urged to reconnect with your enthusiasm and authority. Dragon teaches you to find your voice and roar. They teach you how to use your voice to be truly heard and understood. Dragons' message is that it requires effort and passion to fulfill your purpose and if you want your purpose to be powerful you have to connect your passion with your drive and enthusiasm and make the required effort to fulfill your dreams. Dragons are powerful ancient, magical energy showing the divine ancient energy that flows through you. Are you ready to tap it to its full potential and engage the action required to manifest your dreams? True focus requires a certain amount of energy. Combine that with a passion and you will manifest your dreams. The greater the effort the greater the rewards. Close your eyes and picture your dragon. Is it a fire dragon, a water dragon, an air dragon or an earth dragon?

Fire Dragons – Are about channeling your passions. They can ignite you are burn you out. Master yourself. You are creative, have a sharp mind, can lead and can transform others.

Water Dragons – Are about noticing how your emotions move you to action. Do they motivate you in a positive or negative way ? Be ready to put down unhealthy emotional patterns and transform them into a symphony of experience that will make life exhilarating.

Earth Dragons– Are about grounding your energy. They stabilize and provide the key for sustaining your needs. The earth will always provide for you.

Air Dragons– Are about being a master of your imagination. Let air dragon show you the higher perspective. From these great heights you will not be troubled by the winds of change. You will be a great seer

ECHIDNA Personal protection Echidna comes to share with you how you carry your wounds and what it does to your life. In aboriginal myth echidna gained its spikes from being speared by the people for its crimes. It shows us what we do when we feel threatened. We become spiky. When we feel hurt by others, this accumulates over life and we become more defensive around people. We keep looking for them to hurt us and so we put up our defenses. Echidna says it's good to protect yourself but it's also good to be open to receiving, support and love from others. It’s ok to take your time to get to know someone before you trust them. But at least be open to the good others and life can bring. It's time to heal those wounds.


EAGLE Spirit Eagle has a brilliant perspective of the world, the bird's eye view. It has keen eyesight and can see the smallest detail. The great heights it can fly to connect its consciousness to a large world view. When an eagle appears, you are on notice to be courageous and stretch your limits. Do not accept the status quo, but rather reach higher and become more than you believe you are capable of. Look at things from a new, higher perspective. Be patient with the present; know that the future holds possibilities that you may not yet be able to see. You are about to take flight. Spirit is with you and supports you.


EMU Diligence Emu is a bird of the ground. It moves at great speeds. Emu comes to you today to say it's time to put the hard work in. You need to commit the time and energy into your spiritual practice. It’s time to make it part of your day. Emu can show you how to ground this energy. Emu comes to support you with putting energy into the things you would like to manifest in your life. It will show you how to plan and then work the plan. Call its energy in to support you in creating practical routines to manifest the life of your dreams. It is time for rapid growth.


ELEPHANT Determination The Elephant is certainly a strong creature. But even bigger than its strength is its steadiness. Yes, the Elephant can charge and hit hard. But it overcomes obstacles thanks to its resoluteness and determination. This is the message this spirit is delivering now: be determined and keep a steady pace. Not too fast, not too slow. See it as a formidable force, which is unstoppable. Like an avalanche, no obstacle can resist it. If you are facing a daunting challenge, even if you are tired, don't get discouraged. By going forward, one step at a time, you will go through it successfully. And you may even learn a thing or two in the process, as the Elephant is also a very wise being. Message from the Elephant: "Keep a steady pace and don't give up. You will overcome any obstacle.

FLY Awareness  Flies are all eyes, they see in many different aspects and dimensions. Flies encourage you to become aware of your energy. We often take on the negativity of others or allow them to dump their shit on us, they feel great we feel like shit. Do not take it on. If others are negative, just hold space for them, allow them to vent, you don't have to solve their issues, just look at it as if the venting is medicine and will make them feel better. They will find their own solutions. It will be presented to them. We often feel better after speaking our grievances, allow friends to vent to you and have faith that they are large enough souls to find the solution to their lives. Never feel sorry for anyone for we all learn from life experience, the good bad and ugly. It's through some of the hardest life experiences that makes the most beautiful souls that change this crazy world. So allow the fly to remind you to not carry darkness or heaviness, choose to change your perspective and change your mind. It takes a minute to shift your attention, when you feel heavy or low, don't go down the rabbit hole of the story, choose to think of something you would like to do, listen to music, find an inspirational speaker, go for a walk, phone a friend. The only power you have in life is the choice of what you choose to focus on.


FAIRY WREN Choice Fairy wren says there are many choices. Choose to have many choices and they can be easy. You can multitask, look how many things you do in a day, you are capable. Embrace the knowing that you have more than one option. Consider other options, have many dreams, many friends, many things that bring you joy. It does not mean you give up your main dream, it means that there can be many dreams in life and each one can bring joy and meaning to what you need in your life right now. Fairy wren says challenge yourself, find new opportunities and pathways, learn from them all. Do not place all your eggs in one basket. Have a backup plan.


FLAMINGO Filtering Flamingo comes to you today to say it's ok to lead a simple quiet life but it's also ok to shine in your area of expertise. Share your passion and knowledge with others. Flamingos are great sifters of information and are good learners, so go out and share, it makes you vibrant when you share your knowledge. Flamingos are loyal and like to focus on small groups for support When Flamingo appears, they are asking you to allow yourself to shine. You have talents in certain areas that need to be shared with others. This is part of the energy you have come to share with the world and others, it's time to share and shine. If you feel you cannot share it at this time, that is ok too, but give this talent more attention and focus, til you feel ready to share. It will help you come back to your true self and make peace with the beautiful being that you truly are. Who you are is perfect.


FROG Cleansing Frog reminds us to detox!! Frog is a creature of the land and water. Water represents emotion and we are made of earth. Frog asks that you cleanse on all levels, time to detox with tears, food, and action. It's time to honour those unexpressed emotions, by allowing the tears to flow when we are sad or frustrated. Frog asks that you honour the body and acknowledge if you are an emotional eater and eat all those foods you know are not great for you, when you are feeling sad, frustrated, depressed, stressed or anxious. Frog asks you to gain distance from toxic relationships. Frog says it's time to honour how you are feeling, allow the emotions to flow through you and out into the world, it will be a release and assist you in creating a new fresh beginning. It is through expressing emotion that it is released, if you cannot share what you are feeling, write it down, all the pettiness, all the anger, hurt, shame, frustration, fear and hurt, write it down and burn it or throw it away, but at least you give it the opportunity to be seen heard and then released. This is very soothing for the body and soul. Start honoring and acknowledging what you feel and it will be released, and you will be open to receiving more love and joy in your life. When you block emotion it makes you numb.


FOX Flexibility Fox comes to show you that you can adapt to any situation. You always have a choice. Fox says sometimes it’s ok to sit and watch the situation, try and just be present with what is happening and watch, listen and feel into it. Wait for the universe to show you the right time and opportunity to use the situation to your best advantage. Always be open and curious on how this situation can support you. Notice what you are learning and what you want your outcomes to be. Fox can survive in virtually any situation, it will adapt and learn. Be curious and adventurous. New situations bring new opportunities. Be ok with change. Change can feel hard because it's just different and we now have to learn new ways of being, doing and seeing. Remember a time when this was easy for you. Call back this self to support you at this time to make the most of the current changes. You got this!


GALAH Joy When I see Galah it reminds me to play! Play with my children, be playful with others and lighten up. Galah‘s are outgoing and playful and noisy. Be silly, have fun ! Put on your favourite song, sing at the top of your voice and dance! When you see Galah, stop taking life so seriously and take time to play. Whatever that means for you, make jokes, laugh, listen to music that makes you feel good about life, go play golf, paint, cook, have fun! Life is not meant to be all serious. Life is about being joyful ! Galah’s pink chest encourages you to embrace your heart. Put down your heavy load and connect with the things that bring you joy. It is embracing the simple joys in life that you bring more joy into your life. Hugs from those you love. Seeing the beauty in nature of others around you. Singing and feeling, dancing, digging, finding the humour in life. Galah says trust your heart, allow emotions to flow so that you can sit in joy more often. When you sit in joy, gratitude and love it fills your heart


GIRAFFE Perspective Giraffe’s have the most wonderful perspective on life. They come to show you that you may have wonderful visions and ideas. They are encouraging you to ground these ideas. To know that these ideas may feel wonderful in the head space but when you begin to walk them and do them, they will feel very different. So be sure to allow the head to also understand what the grounding of these ideas will look like. Allow yourself to try out your ideas to see what they will be like to live. Take things one step at a time, it's ok to look ahead but also be in the here and now more often. Allow your great vision to inform your heart, your gut and then your feet. Allow it to show you the way, then be sure to walk it. Don't get stuck in the dream. When you feel stuck in the mud and that life is dragging you down, allow Giraffe to give you a higher perspective. Trust what you see, allow your heart to test your vision and put it into action.


GOAT Determination Goats are the ultimate survivors. Goat comes to you today to show you that you can survive anywhere. You have the capacity to climb to great heights, but be sure to balance this with a grounded perspective. Goats can sometimes focus on the grass being greener on the other side of the fence. Remember to appreciate what you have and pay attention if you feel that it’s never enough. If you feel it's never enough it's time to use that goat determination and tenacity to heal the self, who you are is perfect you don't need more to be ok.


GORILLA Essence Gorilla invites us to look closely at our lives and to consider where we could be gentler on ourselves. Being that gorilla avoids confrontation at all costs. They also take themselves and their lives far too seriously. They love to make others happy, only content when everyone else is happy. Sometimes they push themselves or neglect themselves because they are trying to make others happy. Gorilla encourages us to look at what makes us happy. Pleasing others too much can lead to our own lives being dull and boring. Gorilla says take time to please yourself and get clear about what makes you happy. It's ok for others to be unhappy in life now and again for it teaches them to look for the things that make them happy. Gorilla asks you to be gentle and loyal to yourself instead of beating your chest in an act of defiance and evasion, burning yourself out emotionally and physically for others is not helpful to yourself.


GOOSE Adventure Goose opens the window of opportunity, exploration and wonder. It stimulates spontaneity, while daring us to take off our business suit, to cancel our scheduled meetings and engagements and to live life as an adventure, and to share the thrill of discovery with our children. Canada goose dreaming reminds us to honour the inner child, honour the fairies, dragons and mythical creatures. 


HORSE Power Horse dreaming is about using all that life has to offer in order to learn, grow and support yourself. We are human beings not human thinking! Horses gave us the opportunity to begin to travel over the earth's surface at greater speeds. Horse says go out and explore your ideas or insights, you are only going to know what it looks like when you do it. Each step will lead you to the next. Just move ! It is in the new perspective that you will have a better view. If you feel stuck or that things are not working out the way you planned. Then just do something. Even if it's something that you think you won't like. It will still teach you about what you do like. It's in the movement that things get clearer and our journey is one of moving. We walk a path. Walk yours. Don't get stuck in having to know what it's going to look like all the time. Trust you are supported in each step.


HIPPOPOTAMUS Expression Hippopotamus gives energy to those who feel like they can't express themselves. Even though they look large and slow. Hippo can move at great speeds in water and can run up to 60km an hour on land. Hippo says when you feel like you can't say what you are feeling, find another way to express it or express it with those you trust. You need to allow your emotions to flow through you. Notice when you bottle how you are feeling then one small thing can make you want to bite heads off ! Speak up and let others know how you are feeling. Take your power back. Be clear about what you want and need then you will feel heard and seen. Find help to do this with those who are good at it. Your voice is important too.


HARE Fertility Lunar energy. A rabbit with long ears and much bigger than rabbits Hare is long associated with many cultures as being linked with the moon and the woman's cycle. We are all more intuitive round full moons. It is like the veil between the world is thinner and we are more intuitive and all emotions bubble up at this time. Hare is asking you to reconnect with your intuition and creativity and bring it to fruition ground your ideas into action and start moving towards bringing them into reality. It is a fertile time for you, you have great ideas and it's time to put them into action. Be conscious of the cycle in all things, seasons, times, there is a time for dreaming, a time for planning and a time for action. Where are you in this cycle? It is a cycle that needs to move, do not get stuck in one phase, it all requires action to manifest.


HAWK Messenger When I see hawk I am reminded to focus on what I am doing. I mostly see hawks when I am driving. I daydream a lot when driving sense of sight and focus he is a master of achieving his goals. He shows that in order to achieve what we want in life we have to focus with all our attention on what is next for us. For in the intention and focus we create the forward movement and the momentum in achieving that which we want to manifest. Hawk also encourages one to look at things honestly and with a keen eye. He says that sometimes if life is difficult and not working for you, you need to look honestly at what you are focusing on, and assess whether it is right for you or what you really want for your life. Hawk has no fear, he has steadfast focus without any hesitation he hones in on what he wants and dives right in. He may not always succeed but a great percentage of the time he gets his dinner, for all his energy is harnessed to achieve his goal. Hawk says, gather your energy and focus on what you truly want to manifest. Place your honest intention and focus on each step that is needed and take one step at a time. Do not allow fear or doubt to sway you. Keep focused and hold your intention strong and you will achieve your wildest dreams.


HUMMINGBIRD Joy Hummingbird has the capacity to be still amongst the chaos. It can focus while beating its wings so fast you cannot see them. Hummingbird asks that you take yourself more lightly. It says focus on joy and all those beautiful emotions you would like in your life. You will get more of what you focus on. Start with gratitude. Energetically gratitude opens your energy up and allows the universal energy to enter into yours to provide support. Begin to focus on what you want and what it would feel to have it. That is the secret to manifesting. Focus, visualize, attach emotion. Allow the hummingbird to make your life more colorful with joy. It comes to share its vision and the vibrancy of life when you pay attention. Notice the small things that bring you joy, make them part of your daily ritual or weekly cycle. It's all about how you see life. Are you being present with life, smelling the roses, laughing with friends, admiring the beauty around you or in others. Choose joy, that is your greatest power in life. You can choose to focus on what makes you happy.


IBIS Ritual Ibis comes to you today to support you with words and writing. He was a totem of the scribes in ancient Egypt. He hatched the egg of the world by speaking the sacred words of creation. He also guards the moon gates which is the gate to your dreams and ideas. Ibis is encouraging you to write down your ideas or stories. They are important and he comes to support you with this. You have something important to share. Don't get bogged down in how it looks or the structure. Just write when you can and notice the flow and how it feels to be in that space. Even if you begin writing about how you feel and your day. Ibis connects you with ancient mysteries and healing. Ask Ibis to support you at this time.


JAGUAR Self reflection Jaguar is a power messenger and is linked to the ending of cycles and change. Jaguar comes to encourage and support you in taking back your power. Jaguar says that when we sit in silence, contemplating ourselves, our lives and our behaviour. We need to do this from a place of loving ourselves unconditionally. We need to feel where we are hiding from our truth. We need to take responsibility for our actions and what we want in our lives. When we shine light onto our lives with love. There is great power that comes with it. Because when you bring light you bring healing. This changes what you draw to you, and your life will change to be more in alignment with your true path. Jaguar says be open to change. Be open to seeing the world with new eyes so that you can be true to your soul.


KANGAROO Family When I see kangaroos, it reminds me it is time to focus on family. It is in family that we often find the most meaning and gratitude in life. Family can also be friends that you hold dear. They become your family. Kangaroos know when to multiply and when not too. They are in tune with what their environment supplies and how best it can support them. So, kangaroo says when times are abundant, focus on the importance of your family and how you can support them best. Take responsibility for the tribe and take notice of how you parent. What are your ideas of parenting and are they supportive of all in the tribe. Kangaroo helps us look at how we parent and asks if we are taking responsibility for the tribe in a healthy way. Are you sacrificing yourself too much and not enjoying the abundant times with the tribe, or are you in emotional drought. When last did you reflect on your responsibility to the tribe and your responsibility to yourself for living your best life. Are you a good example to the tribe

KINGFISHER Good times Enjoy and find peace and comfort in the good times. Savour every moment. Kingfishers have excellent eyesight which facilitates detection of prey, see what is coming ahead of you and be prepared to either take action or make peace.


KOALAS Spiritual strength Koalas live life in an altered state of consciousness. The leaves they eat would be poisonous to any other creature and so it makes them behave in a slow drunk manner. Koala encourages you to journey into different states of consciousness to receive knowledge and reconnect with the true essence of who you really are. Through meditation, dance, breathe, art, music and even sport you can enter different states of consciousness. Koala encourages you to become more conscious of these states, for they are a doorway to your soul. They show you the way to greater knowledge of the self and all that exists for everything is connected and when you enter this state of consciousness you allow yourself to receive inspiration and knowledge. When you enter this state with an intention and focus the knowledge will be given permission to enter into your consciousness. So make more time to connect with that still quiet, joyful, peaceful place within.


KOOKABURRA Self healing When I hear kookaburra laugh, he reminds me I need to heal myself. He says I may be covering up my true feelings and that it is time to release outdated belief systems and old routines that no longer serve my growth. He is laughing at my arrogance and denial that life will stay the same. He asks that i laugh at myself and do not take life so seriously and know the only constant thing in life is change. He encourages us to acknowledge that we need healing so that we may grow and prosper into who we truly are. He says it's a new phase and a new season. Time to release the old and step into the new. When something is not working for you, don't re do it over and over again, that's just madness. Stop trying something different, keep trying something different till it works for you. When you see kookaburra and he is not laughing, it is like a thumbs up from the universe, he says well done you go, you are adjusting and changing. You are going with the flow, learning and growing and your life will only get better for you!


LADY BUG Good luck The spirit of the Ladybug is a very good omen, as it symbolizes good luck. If you see ladybug she tells you there is nothing to worry about. All planets are perfectly aligned to bring a positive outcome. The Ladybug invites you also to pay attention to synchronicities in your life. Synchronicities are like breadcrumbs which guide us and tell us we are on the right track. So if you see recurring number patterns, if you seem to meet "by accident" people you were just thinking of, or if you hear the exact message you needed to hear at that moment... all these are both the proof that you always receive constant support and guidance, and that all is just perfect – especially if external circumstances don't appear so positive on the surface. Keep that direction, follow the signs, and you will eventually arrive at a safe destination. Message from the Ladybug: "You are on the right track. Good things are coming down the road." 

LION Power Lion comes to those who have a great inner power. He comes to remind you of this. You can be like the sun for others. Shining your beautiful sunny sole upon them. Lion says don't downplay your power and knowledge. Allow your gifts to shine and allow others to support you with their gifts. Lion also says don't think about things too much. Don't procrastinate. When you find yourself over thinking or procrastinating. Pay attention to what it is doing to your energy. Lion says you are powerful enough to make change, to lead, to inspire. Take steps towards this. Allow the lion to support you with this. You are a very capable person ! Own it!


LIONESS Hunter Protector Nurturer Lioness comes to show you how you can work with others to achieve what you need to. You have your tribe or will find your tribe. You will work with them and you will all benefit from this mutual exchange. Allow each to express their genius to support the whole. You have great ideas and inspirations, you work well in understanding how inspiration works in a team. Honour your energy when you need company and when you need to be alone. Your voice is perfect, don't ever compare yourself to anyone else. You are a great nurturer and supporter and allow lioness to support you


LYNX Observation Lynx comes to show you the importance of silence. Lynx says it's time to listen and observe. Stop pushing for something and listen. When you relax and make peace with yourself and silence. You make space for inspiration and support to land. Lynx says notice your weaknesses, what are you willing to do to bring about change for yourself. Lynx says look at yourself from an outside perspective, observe yourself. Do you stand in your truth and power. What can you do to have a better perspective about your life and where you are going ? Who is thinking your thoughts ? Lynx says in sacred silence comes all the answers. It supports you in seeing that when you are open you receive. When you push you are closed to receiving. When in doubt, stop, be still, listen, observe yourself.


LIZARD Daydreaming When I see lizards I always try and focus on what I have been daydreaming about. Lizard says that your day dreams are important. It is you journeying into the future to manifest that which your heart desires. It's time to pay attention to the dreams, so you can begin working towards making them a reality. The dreams are inspirations and messages from your heart and soul. You sometimes get so caught up in daydreams you are not really conscious of what you are daydreaming about, it is like you are living in a different reality. So lizards are a reminder to stop and pay attention. It's funny sometimes I do stop and then the dream is gone and I cannot remember what it was. But if I stay open and release the need to know, it playfully comes back to say hello. So pay attention to the dreams they need your attention. Your heart is yearning for something and it needs to be manifested


MAGPIE Balance Magpie comes to remind you to keep a balanced life. Notice if you focus too much on one area of your life. How can you bring back more balance. Magpie says with persistence you can master anything. Be curious and open to learning something new. Make it a game. Encourage yourself and others to learn, explore, play and understand all the aspects of life. If you work too much, take time to relax, if you sit too much, take time to walk, what do you do too much of ? There are lots of fun new adventures waiting out there for you, magpie says it will support you in exploring all the different aspects of life. You can do this.


MEERKAT Community Meerkat represents those of us who see the well being of others above all else. Know that by supporting others they will in turn support you when you need it. Sometimes you need to support others in reaching their dreams, and by doing so, they will in turn support you in reaching yours, when the timing is right. Have trust in this. When we have big dreams and goals we know we cannot do it alone, to offer support to others and to temporarily put our goals on hold will often see our dreams coming to fruition sooner than expected. Meerkat understands that when we are dependable and work as a team, encouraging the strongest, most agile climber among us to reach the top of the termite mound, everyone benefits. The others are either offered a hand up themselves, or the bounty is filtered down to be enjoyed by all. Meerkat believes that it ultimately doesn’t matter who reaches the top first,as long as someone does. In doing so everyone else gets the chance to step up and view the world from a wider perspective

MOLE Trust Mole comes to you today to encourage you to trust what you feel. Mole says you are a master of feeling and its now time to trust it more. Mole is encouraging you trust what you feel before you trust what you see. Trust you are supported in all ways and that what ever you need is coming to you. Notice how you are always supported and get what you need. Mole says it will all turn out ok trust that. Mole says when you feel something is not the way it should be, trust that, make note of it. Trust your instincts. Sometimes opportunities are presented and the best way to embrace them are by feeling into your heart and asking it questions. The heart always knows what is best for you. Trust what you feel.


MONGOOSE Adventure Mongoose comes today to share its energy of leadership, courage, impulsiveness and rebellious. Mongooses don’t like being told what to do and where to go. Their rebellious nature is very attractive to other people, so many are drawn to their charm and charismatic nature. Mongoose asks if this resonates with you or someone you know. Mongoose says embrace your adventurous self. There is a way through any situation if you look at it with the right eyes. You can help yourself or others through tricky situations. Mongoose brings intelligence and different ways of thinking about solutions. They have great ideas and projects. They get busy, they never mope around or feel sorry for themselves. They have incredible adaptability and can find amazing solutions. If mongoose has come to you it can support you through anything right now, it says embrace your qualities and think outside the box. The solution is waiting there for you.


MOUSE Detail When I see a mouse I know I need to focus on the details. The detail is important at this time so pay attention. Are you signing contracts or doing something that needs more attention to detail. Mouse is saying pay attention or it will come back to bite you on the butt. So slow down, be present with what you are doing, give it the time and attention it deserves for it will pay off in the long run. We can only do things properly when we slow down and focus at our perfect pace. You know what that is. Center and focus on each aspect that is needed, keep checking in with your intuition to know where the air is clear and you have done all you need to do. Give it your best and it will pay off. Every detail is important and needs your time and attention. If you value it, it will value you.


OTTER Transitions Otters are creative, fluid and can move between water and land easily. They are masters of their emotions and ground them. They know how to play and connect. Otters are seen as energies that watch over transitions in life. Any time your life is moving into a different phase, otter can support you through this. It shows you how to flow through the emotions, ground when you need too, connect when you need too. You are capable of easily flowing through the change, otter comes to show you this. Change does not have to be difficult its simply a different way to move and to be. You will hit the ground running, and find your stride in no time. You will embrace your you and help you learn. This will be easy, you are supported in this next phase of life.


OWL Retrospect Our modern western life is always full of demands and noise. It keeps our mind busy, but we can rarely find true answers and inspiration in this constant turmoil. Sometimes it is beneficial, and even necessary, to remove ourselves from this frenetic world, and get back to ourselves . The spirit of the Owl is inviting you now to retreat, to be alone and silent. Many people are actually afraid of this. They see solitude as loneliness, silence as dullness, and inactivity as boredom. Take a bit of time in nature, put down your smartphone, switch the TV off and you may actually enjoy this moment of respite . Your mind, as well as your body, needs to have a rest. You may be surprised by the insights you will receive if you pause for a moment, and listen to your inner voice. Message from the Owl: "Take some time to retreat, and enjoy being alone."


PANDA Sorrow Panda is the symbol for the bleeding heart. They are the people who are compassionate and empathetic and sensitive to the suffering of others. The world sometimes makes them cry, and they can be overwhelmed trying to solve the world's problems. Panda encourages a wisdom and deeper understanding and introspective advantage when it comes to helping others claim their clarity. Panda people can see where others are at emotionally and help them gain clarity about their situation, and enact positive change. Panda encourages you to look at the spiritual properties of bamboo for stamina, strength, flexibility and protection when opening your heart to others . Bamboo is used as a divining tool in Chinese temples, they throw them and see how they land. Panda says to not get involved in other peoples' process of change, remember you are there to plant the seed the rest is up to the other person. Panda offers you support in supporting others.


PARROT Get colourful Parrot comes to you to encourage you to be more colourful, allow colour in. Challenge your view, are things a bit too black and white right now ? How would it feel to be more colourful? Colour will help you heal on many levels, its like a breath of fresh air, a spring clean or a shower for your energy. Each colour resonates with the body chakra system. All energies flow to and through us, through these Center’s. Bringing more colour in will help with healing body, mind and spirit. Look what colour is drawing your attention and sit with it a while and notice how it makes you feel. Visualise it washing over you. Corella- all things will work out for the best, great new realisations are coming. Rosella- Express how you are feeling. Unsettled emotions within are only doing you harm, let them out, find a way to express yourself. King parrot- Time to express love. Love is in the air and on its way to you. Be open to receiving a loving relationship or friendship. Lorikeet- Everyone deserves equal respect and acceptance, no matter who they are. Notice the light in others.


PEACOCK Spirituality The spirit of the Peacock symbolizes spirituality. With all the eyes painted on its feathers, it can help you find clarity, connect to your higher self, and see your soul path. Peacock invites you to reconnect with the Sacred. Put mundane aspects of your life aside for a moment, and do something that will help you hear the messages of your soul: come back to the present moment, stand back and observe, light a candle... Feel the current energies: do they feel good or bad? If they feel bad, it may be time to determine if what you are doing right now is in tune with your deepest aspirations. Did you maybe get a bit lost on the way, and is it now necessary to reconnect with the things which resonate with your True Self? Ask the Universe and your spirit guides for support and guidance, as they will always offer them with unconditional love. You are never alone. Message from the Peacock: "Reconnect with your soul and feel you are an eternal spiritual being. Spirit will always assist and support you on your path."


PELICAN Piety Pelican reminds us of sacrifice, there is sacrifice for a greater good, sacrifice of self for others. Make sure it is balanced with rest and self nourishment. Pelican is letting you know that you need to take some time for yourself and go inward. Something in your life is slightly off kilter and needs to be balanced. Spend time with family and loved ones as well as yourself to bring things back into focus for yourself. Alternatively this bird also teaches us to take it easy at times even in the most hectic times of our lives. Make sure to make an effort to float through life and float through your emotions. Savour each special moment. Have you taken the time to enjoy what life has to offer in this moment?


PIG Abundance Pig comes to show you how sharing can bring abundance. Share your gifts and they will support you. In many cultures pig is a symbol of luck and prosperity. Pigs can live on anything and thrive. They know how to roll in the mud and love it. They know how to connect to the earth and allow her to sustain all their needs. Mother earth is abundant and pig knows this. Pigs see everyone as their equal, they don't judge but just accept each person for who they are. They are sensitive souls yet grounded with all four trotters on the earth and know how to cleanse their energy when they need their sensitive skins protected. Pig says there is abundance around you, embrace your sensitivities, cleanse, ground and meet all opportunities nose to nose. It will bring great rewards.


PLATYPUS Women's wisdom Platypus has come to show you about the amazing wisdom that women carry. She says its time to release all the guilt and shame women have carried over the eons about being a women. It was only ever put on them because of their great intuitive power. She says its time to embrace your power, harmony and balance. Embrace all aspects of the feminine and balance it with the inner masculine. Trust your intuition and dreaming, allow it to unfold and blossom and if inspired, share it with others. It may be time to support yourself and others in embracing the feminine. When you take responsibility for your healing you will heal your tribe too.


POLAR BEAR Brotherhood Polar bears come to show you a great journey into the world of spirit. Polar bear says you are about to go on a hands-on journey into the realms to experience the joys found there. This may be through your dreams, visions or during meditation. The polar bear opens the doorway to this world for you. Polar bear shows you how to dream your world into being, and reminds you that you are a great creator and can create anything you want in your life. Polar bear says it's time to reassess your beliefs, your values and your personal commitment to your path and your purpose in life. Embracing the knowing within you that you are perfect and life feels good. Polar bear says you are on the journey to regain your wholeness, clarity and personal power. Through this process you will grow your connection to the greater part of yourself and become more comfortable with who you really are and life will feel abundant in all ways

POSSUM Opportunity When you see possum she may be warming you there is a freeloader in your midst. The best way to get a free loading possum to leave is to shine a light on it and expose it to the light. So if there is a freeloader in your midst, someone taking advantage of a situation and you are feeling used and abused, it's time to bring it out into the open and call out the person or openly share your feelings about the situation. Possum also teaches us to take advantage of opportunities freely given and be open to generosity of others but do not take advantage of another’s generosity without some form of energy exchange. If you are given the opportunity to gain off of another person's generosity then know the universe demands energy exchange, so find a way to repay the energy, in whatever way you are most able, your time, your physical assistance or even the expression of your gratitude can sometimes be enough.


PUMA Detachment Truth The order and direction of your life can be so much bigger than you dare to dream. Let puma be your guide as you journey into your higher mind to discover the universal awareness and wisdom that is the key to your true purpose and destiny. The puma can be a particularly good ally for you if you are experiencing disharmony in the realm of mind and thoughts. If you are suffering from anxiety, over-judgement, control issues, or are feeling like you are overanalyzing and stuck in the cogs of your own mind, Puma medicine may be just what you need to detach yourself and remember a higher truth.


PYTHON Restriction Python comes to you today to show you that some area of your life may feel restricted. Python asks are you open to all opportunities. Are you restricting yourself, another or allowing someone else to restrict your life. Pythons do not strangle their prey, they wait for them to exhale then they tighten their grip strangle their prey, they wait for them to exhale then they tighten their grip. The python gives the animal no room to breathe and so it suffocates. Python asks Are you giving yourself room to breathe? Or are you also restricting another for your own benefit. From both perspectives, python is asking you to take responsibility for your energy and nourish yourself.


RABBIT Fertility Rabbit is associated with fertility and creativity. The rabbit totem is a symbol of luck in many cultures, and is also a symbol of abundance. People who feel connected to the rabbit spirit animal are clever and creative, but may be working to overcome fear and anxiety. In general, rabbit symbolism reminds us to examine and use the tools we have within ourselves. Even though we all have our zones of genius. These zones still need nurturing and development. Rabbit says don't let fear rule. Step into your zone of genius, it will provide abundance and luck for you


RACCOON Curiosity Racoon is coming to you today to encourage you to be more curious. Curiosity opens you up to see situations with new eyes. With an openness to allow the new in and the old to leave. It supports you in stepping into new relationships of all kinds. Use your keen senses and intuition to allow the new in. Racoon says you are a tactile person. Allow touch to inform you feel into your decisions. Notice how situations feel. Racoons use their hands a lot. It teaches them about their world. Notice are you a person who likes to work with their hands. What is it that you create from your curiosity.


RAT Restlessness It is said that when a ship is about to sink rats will run up to the highest point even before there is danger. Rats have an instinctive ability to know when things are going wrong and will evacuate a threatened area long before they are proven right. It is said they will survive a holocaust, because they sense danger and take precautionary action. They are survivors and will do what it takes to ensure their endurance. Rat dreaming offers warning of what evasive action should be taken, and when and how. Rat asks in relationships, that you act and voice your concerns the moment you feel unsettled. Instead of suppressing your feelings in hope that things will miraculously sort themselves out. Rat dreaming helps you determine if your interest would be better served by staying aboard in an attempt to work things out, or by devising an escape route.


RAVEN The void Raven reminds us that we have the power to go within to find answers. The power to connect with our intuition and the power to choose how we feel about what we think. Raven reminds you, that you are a powerful creator, you create whatever you think about in the void of your mind. You are connected to all and the focus of your mind can take you wherever you want to go. It takes 60 seconds to change your mind, what would your life look like if you chose to only focus on thoughts that empower you. Allow Raven to remind you to change your thinking when you have become negative. Choose light, choose peace, choose joy. Raven reminds us of the magic of going within, and noticing the endless well of connectedness that lives within us. All the answers to the universe lie with in us. By going within, you will find all your answers. Raven shows how connected you are, She says you are a good seer and you need to go within, be silent, connect with your center and allow your seeing to flow. Notice that when you are still and connected, inspiration flows easily.


RED WOLF Shapeshifter Redwolf brings you knowledge of your shape shifting capacity. They can blend into their surroundings and move unnoticed through it. Red wolf says you have the gift of blending in. Of meeting others where they are at and supporting them there. It is a great gift to be able to hold space and support others. Red wolf says you can also embody the energies of animals and plants and understand their inherent nature. Its how the first medicine was brought into understanding. By energetically becoming an animal or plant you can know the intention of its energy. Red wolf may be encouraging you embrace ritual through movement and see how this informs your reality. So that you can embrace all that it has to share with you. You can shapeshift into anything, what does this feel like to look through another's eyes ?


RHINOCEROS Staying power Rhinoceros, comes to encourage you to push through any obstacles, whether they be mental, emotional of physical. Rhino when called can be useful for manifesting new beginnings, fertility and advancement. It is also a powerful tool in the banishment of obstacles, unwanted interference, fear, illness and grief. When assistance is required in moving forwards of upwards in the world, appeal to the spirit of the rhinoceros and ask it to walk ahead of you, with its powerful horn pushing forward clearing all the obstructions and limiting beliefs (yours and those sustained by others) out of the way. Offering determination and staying power, the strength of the rhinoceros will ensure a fertile, productive life full of the things you innately know you deserve, despite what others may say or think.


ROBIN RED BREAST Bleeding heart Robin Red Breast offers miraculous change, aspiration and healing. It is a symbol of the bleeding heart, wounding heart or of those that wear their heart on their sleeve. They often show themselves to those that have difficulty hiding their feelings. The Redbreast of the robin can imply having our vulnerabilities overly exposed to the point where we eventually begin to hide our feelings, choosing to shut down emotionally as a way of protecting our overly bruised soul from being battered any further. Having faith in one’s feelings, and learning to reveal them in their purest form only after it have been proven that they will be honoured, being true to our feelings in relation to what we want for ourselves, and having the guts to take a risk, to dare to dream and to make a wish will ensure our aspirations are realized and our bleeding heart healed with true love, felt both inwardly and outwardly.


SALMON Persistence When the spirit of the Salmon comes to you, it is the journey of your life. We are often tempted to avoid risk and setbacks, as if our existence was supposed to be as trouble-free as possible. But let's face it, life is an adventure, and with adventure come challenges and obstacles. They will make your life more exciting and inspiring. They will also make you grow. Would you really be interested in a story where nothing happens? So even if the upcoming events look daunting, they are presented to you because they have to teach you something important. Don't get discouraged, as you will ultimately be stronger at the end of this journey. Like the Salmon which uses all its energy going upstream to reach its final goal, know that you are able to find the required strength and endurance to live your wildest dreams. Despite the intimidating circumstances, you are ready to handle them safely and creatively. Believe in yourself. Message from the Salmon: "Make the leap of faith! Be brave, as bigger risks will yield bigger rewards."


SEAL Inner voice Seal is about our inner voice and the calling to know ourselves. For what is within us is what we will attract in the outside world. Seal asks us to become aware of your own personal rhythms, how your energy likes to move and flow, if you work in short bursts before you need a break or are you better at long distance runs. Know when you feel anxious or when you are excited. There are many people that think their chest is sore, when they actually are heart broken. What does your intuition tell you, it is that still small voice that talks to you when you are making decisions, the more you listen the louder it comes. What does your gut tell you about your decisions, do you listen or do you deny it. Seal asks that you listen with your heart for that is how you will find your true soulmate. It's about finding a balance between sensuality and sensitivity, knowing the body mind as well as the soul song. What is attraction on all levels, it is a connection of the body, mind and the soul. Our body mind carries all our life experience as well as all that of our ancestors. Our knowledge is actually thousands of years of evolution as well as our soul purpose. Seal reminds you that what you feel inside is what you attract. The more conscious you become of who you are the more honest open and loving your relationship will be. The more you love and accept yourself for who you truly are the more you will be loved for who you truly are. So know yourself, on all levels, body, mind and soul, and listen to your heart when it comes to love, you are the only one who truly knows what your being yearns for

SHARK Authority When Shark swims into your life He offers you safety from some jarring person or situation. The predator in your life is about to be frightened away with confidence. This creature reminds you of your personal power and the inner strength necessary to get rid of negativity. Some of the Shark’s physical characteristics give us other clues to Shark symbolism and meaning. For example, sharks have an amazing sense of smell. This means that Shark can sniff out what they most need. Additionally, Shark cannot stop swimming because of the lack of a swim bladder – so on-going movement is common when working with Shark energy.


SNAIL Perfect timing Today snail reminded me that everything is perfect timing, there is no need to rush, move slowly but deliberately. Stop pushing and rushing it unsettles your energy and the perfect pace is a balanced one. Snail makes two kinds of slime, one for protection and one for movement, do you need to be in all kinds of slime before you move? Hehe and you do need to protect your energy sometimes so be aware when you do, cover yourself in a white light of slime to block all those negative nastiness that may drive you a bit nuts. Snail also carries both sexes so it reminds us that sometimes we need the masculine energy of action and stepping into things and sometimes we need the feminine energy of receiving and being open to hold space for others. Snail also carries its home on its back which encourages you to be at home with yourself wherever you are, if you are at home with yourself you will be peaceful wherever you go. So if you see a snail your mantra is “everything is perfect timing!!!” Slow down, take your determined time, don't let anyone or anything rush you, everything will turn out perfectly and as it should.


SNAKE Transmutation Just as a snake must shed its old skin to grow, so the snake shows you that there are times in life when we need to birth new things and so the old needs to be released to make way for the new. Shed that old skin, allow yourself to be more flexible and to grow into something new. Snakes represent both conception and pregnancy. It's time for productive change, do not cling to the past. It is time to shed old beliefs, ways of living, ways of doing things that no longer serve you. In order to step into something bigger and better for yourself. You need to step out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself, grow, take risks, do things that will serve your greater good. Embrace the new beginning it will help you heal the past and welcome in all the new great energy you need. This is the next phase of your life. Cast off all fear, as the snake sheds its skin, work through grief, allow it to flow through you and honour its message. Learn from it with love, and allow all grief to bring wisdom to your life. Do not allow it to stunt your growth. Take responsibility for your own healing, life brings lessons of all shapes and sizes, when we allow them to open and expand us we can recreate our world to one that brings us joy and fulfillment. Life is short. Live life to the full, be true to who you really are, allow yourself to grow into the true you.


SPARROW Self-worth If sparrow has come to you today they may be saying that sometimes you feel small and taken for granted. Now is the time to realise your own power and not be over looked. It says your persistence and integrity will help you make a difference in this world. You do not have to be large to make a difference. Sparrow says you have your own song that is important for this world. Reconnect with your energy and passion for your life, you are important regardless of what you feel the world says about you. Sparrow brings joy, creativity and a feeling of connecting with your community. Notice how your tribe are there to support you. Sparrow says you are caring and have joy within. It comes to bring you strength, as they know you care for your community. When a sparrow animal spirit flits into your life, it is imploring us to recognise our own self-worth. Although tiny, this creature can act as a massive source of empowerment for us. Do not underestimate yourself and your abilities. Instead, puff your own chest up full of energy and elegant pride, singing your own tune and marching to the beat of your own drum.



SQUIRREL Energy Squirrel comes to you today to help you notice your anxiety and the feeling that you carry about not doing enough to achieve your purpose. Squirrel reassures you this fear is a false emotion appearing real and that everything is unfolding perfectly. You are a wonderful channel of inspiration and are able to capture lofty ideas and ground them. Notice things need to take time to seed, so allow them to do this. Don't push for things to happen before their time. You will have enough and you are enough. Know you are always supported and will be provided for. This earth is bounty full and just as the tree provides shelter and nourishment for the squirrel, so Mother Earth and spirit will always support you. Squirrel warns that if you choose to always feel like you don't have enough you will manifest what you focus on. Because you always get what you look for. Notice all those planted seeds, they will support you when their time is right. SWAN Grace Swan dreaming recognizes those moments when we feel less than perfect, when the expectations and opinions of others, intended or not, begin to weigh us down. She identifies with those times in our lives when we feel pressured to look perfect to achieve and perform beyond our natural capabilities. She takes the emotions raised within these experiences, processes them and enables us to move past them to a place of personal power and grace. She acknowledges our innate beauty, in both the physical and spiritual sense, while showing us how to empower ourselves on all levels. It's the story of the ugly duckling becoming the beautiful swan. To walk with swans is to embrace the unknown sometimes you have to trust that it will all turn out ok. She is truly a creature of perfection, love and beauty. 


TASMANIAN DEVIL Purification When Tasmanian devil pops up in your life, it is teaching you about the power of the spoken word. Great power can be spoken with a quiet voice, it depends on the intention behind what is spoken, now how it is spoken. If there is power behind a quiet spoken word, it is felt on all levels. You do not need to shout to be really heard, like a Tasmanian devil who makes a huge racket when unhappy, you just need to have a clear intention of the message you wish to convey and put the emotion into the intention and it will create a great powerful conversation. Tasmanian devil says speak your truth, cut through the crap when necessary, get to the heart of the matter and make sure your communication is clear and from the heart when it needs to be. It will create clarity and bring back balance to relationships.


THYLACINE Wisdom Thylacine shows us much about our consciousness or our own sense of inner wisdom and our connection to the rest of the world and our own species, the human race. The wisdom to withdraw and walk alone from the rest of the world, to restore ourselves. Thylacine makes paths for others to follow, the one who knows what it means to walk alone before eventually returning to the people to impart what has been learnt.


TIGER Strength The tiger spirit animal is the master of its own domain. When the tiger appears to you, you should find the strength and the willpower to overcome the challenges in your life. The tiger meaning holds great passion and energy. Tigers travel great distances, but they also spend much of their time resting and saving their energies. The meaning of the tiger urges you to choose wisely which pursuits you spend your energies on. Do not waste your efforts on pursuits that will not reward your efforts. The tiger spirit animal is silent and solitary, its says you may need to find some solitude to remove all distractions to obtain your goal. Tiger is warning you to not come roaring out at your target as this will be a sure way to lose them. Take a step back and think of the best approach. Sometimes to be successful in life, you need to forego speed and aggression. Sometimes you just need to slow down, listen closely, and wait for the perfect timing, no matter how long it takes. Tiger is not a long-distance runner, but that doesn’t make it a weak hunter. In fact, it can walk stealthily for miles and be completely silent so that its prey will not suspect a thing. Trust in your instincts and act swiftly when needed. Rely on your personal strength when you need determination, or courage.


TORTOISE Slow down The tortoise totem symbolizes longevity, simplicity, and slowing down enough to really pay attention. Tortoises have exceptionally long life spans, often of 100 years or more. Tortoises live a simple life, sleeping up to 16 hours per day and grazing on various plant life. Tortoises symbolize simplicity, they carry their shells/homes on their back and have all they need with them. They remind us of the importance of making good use of what we have and embracing simple abundance. When a tortoise shows up in your life it tells you to embrace more simplicity. Slow down and pay attention to the abundance and opportunities that surround you. Life is not a race and you should pace yourself and not allow stress and pressure to diminish your quality of life. Tortoises speak of being grounded in life and living with simplicity and grace. You may also find that tortoise addresses dietary issues prompting you to have more fresh vegetables/fruits in your diet to promote good health and longevity.


TURTLE Flow If turtle has come to you today, it is reminding you to go with the flow. Be present and at peace with where the flow of life is taking you. This ride could be greater than you imagined. Stop struggling and ride that wave! Turtle says there are deep emotions that need honouring. Through honouring these you will have a deeper connection with your soul . Overall Turtle medicine reminds us that strength and determination are the keys to overcoming our obstacles. Take your time before you move don’t go jumping out of your shell right into danger. When Turtle comes to you as a Spirit Animal it bears the message of staying true to your path and being at peace with your choices. This may also be a sign that you are carrying too much weight on your shoulders. You cannot fix anything if you’re overwhelmed. Put down negative things that hold your back, go into your shell and meditate. Get grounded, embrace your emotional power and reclaim your serenity. Turtles can right themselves when they’re flipped over on their back. Turtles have strong necks and can flip themselves over. Turtle can come to you as a reminder to use your own head. You are powerful enough to right yourself, even when others don’t believe you can. Find your flow, your pace is perfect for you


TUCAN Self Esteem Tucan says there is hope when you feel you have no control over your life, it offers support when you feel like things are not Turning out the way you hoped. Tucan are gregarious and fun-loving and Tucan reminds you to stand in your power, show your beautiful feathers, be playful with others and shine. Toucan says learn from your mistakes and step into your power, you were born to shine. The toucan represents communication and showmanship. The toucan's colourful appearance and large bill indicates a strong desire to be seen and heard. When the toucan appears as a totem it is likely time for you to step forward out of the shadows and stand in the limelight for awhile. If you have difficulty speaking in public, toucan medicine can help clear the way for improvement. The toucan may appear whenever you are craving attention, helping you to sort out why you are feeling this way. Toucan can boost your self esteem. The toucan totem is mirroring your behaviour to show you that it is safe to take off the mask and reveal your true self."


UNICORN Purity Unicorn is all about Opening up to Infinite Possibilities and that infinite possibilities surround you and are available to you at all times. Many times one cannot see that possibilities abound, or even exist. Unicorn gives us the "eyes to see" those possibilities, and "the wisdom" to take advantage of them. Spiritually Unicorn symbolizes success. If you summon the power of the Unicorn, the Unicorn will give you the blessings to be a success in whatever you choose to pursue. Unicorn is the symbol of the most magical of all animals! Unicorn can shift between the visible world and the invisible world easily like walking from the shore of a beach, into the sea for a refreshing swim, and back to the shore to sun itself on the sand.


WHALE Inner voice Ground signatures. The whale spirit animal is the earth’s record keeper for all time. As a totem, the whale teaches you about listening to your inner voice, understanding the impact your emotions have on your everyday life, and following your own truth. When the whale enters your life, it may be time to closely examine where you are, the actions and emotions that have brought you to this point, and what you can do to alleviate existing drama and unrest and find peace. Those who have the whale as their animal totem are in touch with true reality. They are nurturers and go-getters who understand there is more to this life than meets the eye. The whale supports us in communicating clearly from our hearts to bridge large distances with others. Whales are also very family oriented, so the whale helps us bridge any gaps that are keeping us from connecting deeper with our loved ones. Whales support us in speaking our truth with emotion, vulnerability and power.


WAG TAIL Timing Wag tail is the metronome of the bird world. They are all about timing. Wag tail always reminds me I am going from one segment of my day into the next, and not to fight the change. They speak about forward movement and movement with a purpose. Don’t resist when life is prompting you to move onto the next thing. Even our day is divided into segments, morning rituals before work, then the work day, each segment has a different energy. If you get out of bed on the wrong side, leave it at home, take your happy self to work. IF work has made you grumpy, leave it at work and take your happy self home to your family. Honour yourself by leaving things where they need to be left and moving into the energy you would like to feel most of the time.


WILDEBEEST The Victim Wildebeest comes to offer you support at this time if you somehow feel wronged by someone else. Wildebeest says it's time to notice if you are being taken advantage of. How can you take steps towards preventing this in the future. It brings strength and support. Wildebeest can travel great distances and says you have the stamina for this. Even though you may feel under nourished and isolate. You have great strength, you will get through this, now you know the way through and you will never have to face it again. You have the power to overcome any obstacle.


WHITE TIGER Submissiveness White tiger comes to show you your unique inner power. You need to embrace your path that is yours alone and not the same as anyone else. Dream your vision into being it is your unique creation and needs to come to life. Tiger says band with your tribe and support each other in their uniqueness. You have inner and outer strength. Sometimes your voice needs to be heard. You need to establish your place in this tribe, so be true to you. White tiger ignites your inner spark and says its time to pounce towards your wildest dreams. The white tiger opens the higher chakras to receive all forms of healing, clairvoyance and clairaudience from the spirit world. White tiger comes to support you in unfolding all your spiritual gifts. They will help you to learn to clearly understand your psychic visions and messages. When we own our white lightworker abilities, we can do much more potent and transcendent work in this world.


WOMBAT Gentle aggression When wombat comes to you it says that you may have been through many emotional hurts over the last few years. They come to support you with assertiveness and determination. They will help you dig for truth and the wisdom to overcome anything in your path. Wombats never back down and will only fight when they have to. Wombat says allow your skin to be thick like wombat and don't allow others harsh energy to wound you. Wombat is caretaker of the plants, flowers and herbs. She knows mother earth's wisdom, and may have come to you to show you that you too have this wisdom or need it in some way at this time Visit a naturopath, or herbal practitioner or research it yourself. Wombat energy is grounded, and knows how to use the earth to support them in all the ways they need. Wombat says stay grounded, connect with the earth when you need more energy, she will always sustain you. 


WOLF Path finder Although wolf is part of a pack, individualism is important to wolf. If a wolf has shown up in your life today part of your purpose is to share knowledge, wolf is the totem of the teacher, pioneer and guide. Wolf encourages you to build upon the knowledge you already have and to do this you sometimes need to break away from the pack in search of higher knowledge and wisdom, in order to learn, grow and bring it back to the pack and help the pack grow too. Wolf encourages you to step away from traditional belief systems and step outside the conventional boundaries to connect with creative thinking and free spirited ideas, to find your unique purpose and direction. Step outside of your comfort zone, explore new beliefs and directions and gather wisdom from all over the globe. Wolf has integrity and purpose and is designed to inspire, promote self esteem and personal power in others. But in order to do this you have to develop this within yourself. Wolf asks that you reconnect with what you have learned, reminding you of all the wisdom you have gleaned from your life lessons. Build on this and share it with others

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