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Journey Drum meditation - membership 

Journey Drum membership.


How would you like to access all Lesley"s recorded journey drum meditations !


Now you can !


With your membership you gain access too:

A closed healers journey face book page.

A membership area where all Lesley"s journey drum meditations are stored.

One on one spiritual intuitive coaching sessions.


There are 4 levels of membership:

  1. Access to just the recordings and closed face book group - $50 a month.( no coaching sessions)

  2. Access to recordings, face book group, 1 session with Lesley a month $100 ( saving of $50)

  3. Access to recordings, face book group, 2 sessions with Lesley a month $200 ( saving of $100)

  4. Access to recordings, face book group, 3 sessions with Lesley a month $300 ( saving of $150)

  5. Access to recordings, face book group, 4 sessions with Lesley a month $400 ( saving of $200)

  6. Healers journey retreat 3 month process- Access too recordings, face book group, 2 sessions a month, 6 nights accommodation in Legian Bali, twin share inc breakfast, a visit to a local healer to receive a reading, a healing massage from a local healer, a visit to Bali zoo to talk with the animals. 5 days of connection, learning healing process through journey drum meditation and stepping into your healer self. - $2000 ( early bird till 30 Nov) then $2400. Payment plan available. Please see retreat page.


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More info:

Journey drum meditations are based on shamanic journeying and Lesley’s intention is too give you a map of the different layers of energy so that you can travel them to gain insight into your energy and the many other energies that exist around you. Lesley guides you through the journeys so that you can learn the landscape of energy. Then she will help you interpret the meaning of your journey and symbols.


Lesley has developed this membership so you can access all the guided journey drum meditations to choose those that are relevant too what you are going through right now.


If you are new you can choose you can begin with the introduction journeys, that guide you through getting to know your sacred tree, power animals, guides and chakra system.


As you progress you can choose journeys into your past to retrieve energy or heal, journeys to the future to see your landscape. Journeys to understand your energy and the different energies that inhabit this earth. There are many and they are varied. There are also videos of energy exercises that you can use.


Lesley will add videos too this section as she makes them, so your selection will continue to grow.


As part of the membership you can choose how many one on one session you would like with Lesley each month for a spiritual intuitive coaching session, to discuss the meaning of your journeys and anything thing else you would like to discuss.


It is Lesley’s passion to meet you where you are at and support you in your spiritual growth.


This is a personalised process and Lesley will also recommend journeys for you too do in your discussions.

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