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TRANSCRIPTS: Real student journeys with interpretations by Lesley Bergstrom

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In this journey you will journey to the higher realms to meet your guides.
This journey is very nurturing and supportive.

These transcript are a number of

journey to meet your spirit guides that some of Lesley's students have taken and the interpretation of these journey's by Lesley

All shared with students permission. All rights reserved. No copying without permission

Meeting your Spirit Guides: Ann

This journey was quite challenging and didn't have the same smoothness and ease as others. Instead of experiencing a vibrant spectrum of colours washing over me, I had a subtle sense of it coursing through my entire body, accompanied by a comforting warmth. During the cleanse, glimpses of a warm, radiant pink flashed before me from the soul star.

Towards the end of the cleanse, I experienced lightning strikes that illuminated the darkness around me. In the midst of this, I kept seeing a tree in silhouette, with its woody trunk and numerous bare branches devoid of any foliage. However, with each lightning strike, the tree became more visible, as if it was being brought out into the open. Initially, I couldn't make out the presence of a staircase. The room was shrouded in darkness and dampness. With cautious steps, I moved forward and discovered an ancient stone spiral staircase covered in moss and dampness, reminiscent of an old castle dungeon. The sensation of both feeling and smelling the dampness intensified as I ascended. As I climbed higher, there were no vibrant colours to be seen. However, upon reaching the sixth floor, I began to notice faint rays of light filtering through. Finally, on the tenth floor, I emerged into a landscape of white fluffy clouds ☁️ that gradually parted to reveal an expansive meadow bathed in a soft shade of light green. The meadow was adorned with an abundance of yellow flowers. The city behind me resembled the vibrant Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz, evoking a sense of excitement and anticipation. It made me feel like Dorothy, on the brink of crossing the enchanting poppy field to reach the city's wonders. However, upon closer inspection, I discovered that the city was nothing more than ancient ruins, crumbling and broken. My trusted spirit guide, Sam, accompanied me on this journey. Interestingly, Sam was dressed in traditional German attire but did not speak with a noticeable accent. Together, we strolled towards a magnificent old oak tree, a familiar sight from my previous adventures. We found solace beneath its low-hanging branches, enjoying the coolness and darkness it provided. Seeking guidance, I asked Sam how I could navigate through the challenges ahead. His response was simple yet profound: belief, determination, and hard work. Intrigued, I probed further, expressing my concerns about personal stress and familial issues. Sam's answer was equally meaningful: faith and love. Feeling a mixture of confusion and contemplation, I fell into a thoughtful silence. Sensing my state of mind, Sam reassured me that the path would be arduous and unpredictable, filled with twists and turns. However, he assured me that with perseverance, I would eventually reach my destination. In that moment, we both leaned against the sturdy trunk of the oak tree and allowed ourselves to be immersed in the rhythmic beats of a distant drum. Time seemed to stand still as I noticed an unusual heaviness in my physical body, rendering my arms immobile. After some time, Sam reached down and handed me a large bouquet of vibrant flowers. I had seen them before, but couldn't recall their name. Sam suggested they were peonies, but it didn't feel right to me. After searching for photos online, I discovered that they were actually pansies. Silence fell upon us once again, and I couldn't resist asking Sam about the tree I had noticed earlier, the leafless one. To my surprise, Sam replied, "YOU." I followed Sam's gaze and saw a tall, slender black woman dressed in a maid's outfit walking towards us. She sat down in front of us, followed by many more women who did the same. As I looked around, I realised that they were scattered throughout the entire field. Each woman nodded at me with a sense of acknowledgement. Sam wrapped his arm around my shoulder, providing comfort without any further words exchanged between us. The meadow appeared darker and greener than before, devoid of any flowers as we made our way back. As Sam bid farewell, the clouds returned and covered him, along with everything else around us. Upon reaching the staircase, I noticed that it remained unchanged, but it was no longer dark or damp. Instead, it was filled with a brighter light.

Interpretation from Lesley

Hey gorgeous well done on doing the journey, the lightening lighting up your tree shows your guides are showing you something right now as you are finding it difficult to see it. You are not nourishing yourself enough


Nourishing can be doing anything that feels good for you and that includes positive thinking and focusing on positive goals that are balanced and include all aspects of your life in harmony. The 10th level shows there is more personal power and growth there for you and its would be good to visit this level more. The emerald city shows that perhaps you have lost faith in getting your dreams come true or feel a bit let down by your spiritual guidance or the fact that you are supported by spirit. Sam brings great advice, its all about how you look at things, perhaps you are too hard on yourself when things don’t go as you would like them too. Pansy. The Pansy flower has a very interesting symbolism, and it probably doesn’t look like the type of flower that has that kind of interesting background. The Pansy flower is the symbol of the Free Thinkers Society, which is a group of people who think outside the box and aren’t restrained by anything that society inflicts upon them. Interestingly.. peony's Common peony meanings include romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion — but peonies can also mean bashfulness. The heavy arms and legs shows you are a good channel of energy, you bring spirit into the body, the maid who sat before you is telling you its time to clean house metaphorically, my feeling is you are a medium you can talk with departed souls, and you are also capable of clearing those departed souls who are stuck in this realm, Sam puts his arm around you to show you , that he is there to support you. Keep clearing and grounding big hugs xx


Meeting your Spirit Guides: Mary

I met a very familiar lady with curly grey hair. Her name is Sarah She has come to me at various stages of life, but I haven't called upon her often.

She gives me the feeling of unconditional love.

She says I need to connect with my heart and she is there whenever I need her (and even when I don't, she's always there).


The meadow had sunflowers, a big old fig tree, and we sat underneath it connecting, not necessarily through words. It was a heart / love feeling.


When it was time to come back, I was wanting to stay there longer. I loved the nourishment from this feeling.

Interpretation from Lesley

So wonderful, that you are seeing how many would like to support you in spirit and are showing up to share messages with you. Sarah feels like an ancestor who has supported you through your life. How wonderful she surrounds you in her unconditional love, some of our guides step forth to do this for us so we can feel the nourishment when we need it most. Love she has shown you how to access it easily. Awesome ! The sunflowers show that you are a Solaris being. You bring light to others in your acts of service, the sun also gives you energy and you need light to sustain you. Figs are ancient trees of knowledge and their fruit are very nourishing. This shows you bring a lot of wisdom into this life to support and nourish others' So glad you got some nourishment too.

Meeting your Spirit Guides: Jenny

I met an enthusiastic young boy called Searl. I asked about how can I become more present in life.

He showed me a vision of the entire universe. Huge expansion, then pointed at the tiny speck that Earth is. The words that came to me is perspective and perception. There was a lot of fun and playfulness he brought. He has reminded me that life is not so serious.

My spirit animal Puma/Jaguar was asleep in the grass no far from me.

Then out of the long grass appeared a warrior/tribesman. He was wanting to connect, but the timing wasn't right. It was time for me to journey back.


Staircase had deep indigo colours as I journeyed back.


Interpretation from Lesley

Love how you got a young man energy to come and share wisdom. young people often have a brighter vision of the universe than older people, he brings his youth, adventure and big picture thinking into your vision. How wonder full ! Love how he showed you that perspective and perception is everything ! How awesome he shared fun and playfulness, it really opens up the energy to receive and live on a higher vibration of beingness. Life is all about experience and being fully in the body. If we truly had a knowing of our souls enormity we would be in fun and play far more often :) Puma is about leadership and jaguar is about walking in awareness. Both cats which show your sensitivities and being able to see in the dark. how you relate to others and also the capacity to work on your own and with others when you need to. Feel free to look up puma and Jaguar in the animal messenger e book for a deeper insight to their messages around what your guide has shared with you at this time. The warrior shows the energies coming in to support your energy. Often we are distracted by so much going on in our lives. Warrior as an archetype brings an energy of being, warrior protects his own energy from harm, he is disciplined and trains his physical, mental and emotional being, he is there to support and protect his tribe and he stands strong in his own power. What does warrior mean to you ?


Meeting your Spirit Guides: Joan

The field of flowers was covered in bright yellow and pink flowers.

My guide resembled Jesus, dressed in a white robe. He was calm and I felt unconditional love.

The tree was a large oak tree, with large roots protruding out of the ground, I sat up against the tree surrounded by the roots (like a chair).

I asked if I was on the right path for my purpose? He explained that I am on my true path but not all has been revealed. You will gain clarity through nurturing the spirit and researching daily. In time things will become more clear. You have a wisdom that you have not yet vocalized and others are waiting to hear your message. Patience is the key, if you force it, it will remain out of grasp, let go and allow it to develop and grow. For now seeing clients is needed right now, it will provide you with insight into what they need and how you can better serve and educate them, providing a platform to spread your message. Remember everything is revealed at the right time and moment.

Interpretation from Lesley

The flowers show it is ok to be seen, yellow is about personal power and what you receive into your energy from the world. Flowers attract other beings into their energy so that they can spread their energy out into the world. Pink is about innocence, softness and love. It’s about sharing this with yourself and others. Love that your guide resembling Jesus came, as he resembled Jesus he carries the archetype of Jesus, a great, teacher and healer. He brings this energy and assists you in also sharing it. Love that you felt the unconditional love and nourishment. The oak shows that you are a wise old soul and have planted the seeds which will take fruit for you in this life and there is much wisdom there for you. Love his beautiful advice for you. so perfect.

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