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Healers journey - membership

Healers journey Membership

"I have seen people doing this process truly blossom in all areas of their lives. They become more confident in all their decisions in life, they become more creative, confident and able to manifest their ideas with ease and confidence. My aim is to help you strengthen your energy and connection to your guidance. I will give you tools to ask the universe questions and receive wonder filled accurate answers. Ways to support your intuition and support yourself through difficult times." - Lesley

The healers journey. (BEGINS FROM NOV 11th 2019) As Lesley works one on one with you, places will be limited.

Come and learn about shamanic and energy healing. Lesley will work with you to assist you to develop your healing process. Learn how to travel into the body to gain insight into the energy blocks and how to shift them. Bring balance for self and clients by learning how to journey for them and gain insight into what they need at this time. heal past lives and bring this one back to balance.

In week one we will look at clearing houses and all the energies that you will find within a house, how to read them and gain insight into bringing them back to balance. Lesley will show you how to clear a house, on your own or with another.

Each week Lesley will discuss a different aspect of energetic healing and share a guided journey meditation and give you an energy task or journey to complete.

Lesley will work one on one with you to assist you to develop your own unique healing talents or journeys so that you can develop a process to assist yourself, family or clients. 


You may even choose to join for 6 months and become a certified healing circle facilitator and with Lesley's assistance learn how to run a meditation and self development circle. Terms and conditions.

How does the process work.

When you join the membership you have access to the closed face book group where Lesley shares weekly journeys and shamanic energy exercises.

You also gain access to an area where Lesley stores all her recorded journeys so that you can choose any of the journeys to do in your own time.

You get one on one intuitive coaching sessions with Lesley.

You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time.

There are 4 levels of membership:


  1. Access to just the recordings and closed face book group - $50 a month.

  2. Access to recordings, face book group, 1 intuitive coaching session with Lesley a month $100 ( saving of $50)

  3. Access to recordings, face book group, 2 sessions with Lesley a month $200 ( saving of $100)


If you would like to become a healing circle facilitator, you need to do level 3 for 6 months.Or do the retreat plus 3 more months of level 3 in the membership.

As a healing circle facilitator you will be coached on how to run a healing circle, you will be able to use Lesley's introduction journeys in your classes or Lesley will support you in developing your own journeys for your classes.

 If you sign up for the Healers journey retreat in Bali you get access to the healers journey membership for 3 months plus 2 intuitive coaching session with Lesley per month. More info. If you do the Retreat and you would like to become a healing circle facilitator, you will gain some practical experience in Bali.

Lesley will add videos too this section as she makes them, so your selection will continue to grow.


New journeys and energy exercises and tips will also be added to the group as Lesley develops them, so you will always be kept informed. 

It is Lesley’s passion to meet you where you are at and support you in your spiritual growth.


This is a personalised process and Lesley will also recommend journeys for you too do in your discussions so that she can support you in becoming the amazing healer that is waiting within you.

"It’s time to return to your roots, to reconnect with your inner wisdom and the wisdom of Mother Earth"

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To find out more about the healers journey membership . . .book a free call with me below today!


Please feel free to contact me by email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks! Message sent.

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