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Welcome to tailor made health and wellness care.

The main aim of a naturopathic consult is to address your main complaint and to address the underlying causes of the issue to help you heal and come back to balance and your optimum health.

An initial consult can be from 1 to 1.5 hours, where we look at your entire health history to gain an insight into your body and what may be the underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

A thorough health plan is then put together for you and tailored to your specific needs, with meal plan, dietary supplements and vitamin and mineral requirements. Lesley will also recommend certain tests if needed or you may want to choose one of our programs below to include costs.

Lesley has been on a health and wellness journey for over 25 years, it helped her reduce her allergies and asthma and conceive twins. Her areas of interest are general health improvement, preconception, kids, allergies, weight loss, detox and stress reduction, through nutrition, vitamins and herbs.

Lesley is passionate about natural health and also runs 6 week transformation courses, to reduce stress and find balance, meaning, direction and harmony within, she uses ancient techniques of meditation based on shamanic journeying, to help a person become more aware of their bodies and how to bring more peace and balance back to their way of being. If you are interested in learning  please see our workshop page

Lesley has a TGA license and is a member with the complimentary medicines association in Australia.

Book An Appointment


FORRESTDALE: 131 Taylor rd Forrestdale

MONDAY & FRIDAY - 9:00am - 1:00pm


TUESDAY & THURSDAY - 10:00am - 2:30pm


Adult Initial consult: $130 (1.5 to 2  hours)

Kids initial consult $80 

Full history, where your whole medical history and family medical history are discussed.
Iridology photo
Health plan
Zinc Test
Iodine skin patch test
Diet recommendations
Supplement and herbal recommendations


Hair mineral analysis ( $200 if required) It comes with an analysis booklet, showing heavy metals and mineral levels in the body and what this means to the health of the client. It also contains diet and lifestyle recommendations.


500 items test ($250 if required) testing your intolerance to 500 food and product items.

Adult follow up consult : $100

Kids follow up $60


Follow up of previous recommendations, discussion of iridology photo and possible family traits that you have inherited.

Further diet, herbal and supplement recommendations if required.
Zinc Test.


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