Journey Drum Meditation


A journey to healing 

Introduction to journey drum meditation and the healers journey.

 Welcome to journey drum meditation.

An online process where you can be supported in the comfort of you own home. Learning about shamanism and how you can use it as a tool in your life to gain guidance and support.

Journey drum meditation is a guided shamanic meditation process to teach you about your intuitive gifts and how too expand them.

Lesley passion is to empower you with the insight into your own gifts and how to work with energy, understand the different energetic realms and how to navigate them.

The journey drum meditations have an intention for each meditation. Lesley guides you through the meditation to gain insight into your, guides, power animals and many other energies. 

It is based on shamanic journeying, and Lesley guides you through the different landscapes to understand the different worlds. 

This process is online where you will have access to the  6 week course on teachable, where you can go through it at your own pace. One journey a week is recommended.


 You also get three one on one intuitive coaching calls with Lesley to discuss your journey drum meditations, and what advice it brings to your life, or business.


Lesley will also share her insight around your journey and the messages it brings.

" I've been blessed to hone my journeying skills for almost two years now with the incredibly gifted and talented Lesley-Ann Bergstrom also Shaman, Healer, Seer, Life Coach, Naturopath, down-to-earth, call a spade a spade, humorous soul, with a big heart and authentically devoted to helping bring success, happiness, and healing into people's lives.

Lesley's wisdom has always been spot on and has been invaluable to my Shamanic Journey development, Lesley also encouraged me to Write!





Healers journey retreat Bali.

Dates for 2021 coming soon.

Come with Lesley on an exploration of your intuition learning how to communicate with your guides and power animals and learning how to work with them and allow them to support and guide you through your life.


Learn the ancient technique of shamanic journeying. How to connect with spirit, learn about how you see, hear and sense and how to grow that connection to your mystical self. Learn about shamanic journeying and accessing the different realms of consciousness and all the energies that inhabit them. Learn how to heal this life and past lives. Learn how to journey into your future to track time and learn from spiritual masters in the energetic realms. Learn how to dialogue with plants and animals to gain insight into healing self and others.

Then join me on a beautiful retreat in Bali where you will gain hands on experience, meet local healers and gain insight into hands on shamanic healing and how other healers travel the realms of energy to heal. 


This process ends in a hands on week in Bali, to learn about your healer self and how to step into a path of healing.

Being an empath is a double edged sword, it enables you too feel what others feel and so you can put yourself in their shoes. That is a wonderful gift, the hard part becomes when you take on their “stuff” and it weights you down. As an em-path you have come to the earth to assist others in their growth and learning and this is a wonderful gift of service. I invite you to come and work with me personally so we can expand your senses, learn about your gifts and and allow me too support you in understanding the language of your soul.


“Hi Lesley, I just wanted to express my deep felt gratitude for the Healers Journey experience. It has been such an incredible process of self discovery. You have provided an incredibly nurturing, supportive and intuitive journeying program that I feel so blessed to have experienced. I have such incredible tools to add to my tool belt and can’t wait to continue working with you. Sending so much love ” Melanie.


Lesley is an empath, channel, medium, and shaman. As well as a mum, naturopath, herbalist and artist.  She has been teaching journey drum meditation and spiritual development for the last 20 years. Her passion is too empower others and teach them about their empathic and psychic capacity and how to heal self and others.

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