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The stress less program is run over 8 weeks.  cost :$850 a saving of $350 ( payment plan available)

An initial consult, 1.5 hours. Value $130

Zinc, iodine, urine and hair tissue mineral analysis. to the value of $200

Mood disorder appraisal.

2 products to the value of $100

4 follow up appointments to the value of $400

Stress less pack: Access to the healing journey meditation course. value $350



If left untreated, chronic stress may significantly affect health and wellbeing. To assist in management of stress and mood disorders in your patients, Lesley will  provide you with:

  • High quality, scientifically validated formulas for effective clinical management of chronic stress and mood disorders.

  • Comprehensive treatment strategies for successful long-term mental and emotional health solutions.

  • Holistic, Natural Medicines to assist patients manage stress more effectively and regain optimal wellbeing.

  • Herbal and nutritional formulations that are easy to prescribe and convenient.

  • Safe, effective Natural Medicines that can be recommended with confidence in clinical practice.

  • Meditation downloads to assist the body to relax and unwind

  • Inner life skills coaching to assist you in gaining more clarity in your thinking process and to assist you to understand how you approach your life.


Everyone experiences stress - in our busy modern world, stress is unavoidable; the deleterious health effects of stress, however, are avoidable. Common causes of stress include:

  • Major life events - e.g. births, deaths, marriage, divorce, moving house, changing jobs, trauma

  • Personal relationships - e.g. conflict, deception, bullying

  • Work/study - e.g. exams, deadlines, responsibilities

  • Health issues - e.g. pain, chronic illness

  • Dietary and lifestyle issues - e.g. lack of sleep, poor diet, smoking, excessive intake of alcohol

These events and/or our responses to these events can cause a disruption to our normal homeostatic functioning. This triggers the activation of our Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis and Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). These systems release hormones and neurotransmitters to help us cope with a stressful event. When kept in check, these response systems are extremely effective and do not cause us any long-term harm. However, if the stress continues for a prolonged period of time and/or our HPA axis and SNS begin to function inappropriately, health can be significantly adversely affected.

Chronic stress is extremely common and dysfunctional HPA axis and SNS responses are often underlying causes of other disorders. Therefore, helping our patients better cope with the stress in their life is a fundamental part of effective clinical practice.

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